Olympics Elias Kuosmanen got five kilos more “stuff” in his body, but wrestles well underweight in Tokyo: “If your opponent gets tired, it’s in my best interest”

Kuosmanen moved up the series when button buddy Arvi Savolainen took 97 kilos. Now the guys were both wrestling in Tokyo.


Usually a person would rather drop his weight than lift it. So it has been the case with wrestlers, however Elias Kuosmanen is another country.

“Five kilos,” Kuosmanen replies when asked how much weight has been gained.

Kuosmanen has a reason to gain weight. He wrestles in the Olympics heavyweight series with a weight limit of 130 pounds.

Korsolainen is well underweight in the series. When Kuosmanen secured the Olympic place in Tokyo in the early summer, he weighed 107 kilos of slippers on his feet in the qualifiers held in Sofia.

“There has been more stuff in it, you have to be satisfied. There is no need to be careful with what you put in your mouth at breakfast. ”

Kuosmanen surprised his opponents with his light weight, agility and speed.

In the beginning, Kuosmanen struggled with his good friend Arvi Savolainen with 97 pounds of Olympic space. After a multi-stage mutual qualifying system, Savolainen took the place.

Kuosmanen wanted to go to the Olympics, and the only option was to change series.

“It’s kind of comical that we’re both here, even though they competed from the same place,” he says.

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In the Olympic qualifiers Kuosmanen surprised his bigger opponents with his light weight, agility and speed.

In Tokyo, he no longer has a similar trump card in his pocket. Kuosmanen’s way and style are known.

“The list of challengers is unfortunately long. It’s a fact that I’m faced with stronger and tougher guys than me. The good side is that big muscle eats oxygen. If your opponent gets tired, it’s in my best interest. ”

There are 16 competitors in the wrestling series. Kuosmanen is not worth taking up with them.

Kuosmanen’s series starts on Sunday and the medal matches are on Monday. The first round will face Georgia Iakobi Kajaia, who was seventh in Rio 2016 and World Championship bronze medalist in 2019.

“Big muscle eats oxygen. If your opponent gets tired, it’s in my best interest. ”

Guess Savolainen’s series starts on Monday and the medal matches are on Tuesday. The opening opponent will survive later.

He also takes a match with Molsk one by one, nothing else can.

“It’s been practiced that the head lasts. I believe that I have opportunities when I can try and the tactics succeed, ”says a Lahti resident living in Helsinki.

His weight is suitably appropriate for 97 pounds.

Savolainen is the 23-year-old world champion. It warms the big man, but now there are bigger achievements in sight.

“It’s the sum of success when you succeed.”

Finnish wrestlers are new to the Olympics. It was a bad ass that the debut hit the middle of a coronavirus pandemic.

Now the two of them are left with a lot of inexperience and unseen when they play sports in their own corona bubble and then leave.

“I wouldn’t have expected the first Olympics to be like this or what kind of show this is going to be. Personally, I was sure the race would be canceled. That is why I am grateful that they are being held, ”says Kuosmanen.

Wrestling has been one of Finland ‘s most successful sports in the Olympics. Finland has 18 gold, 21 silver and 19 bronze in Greco-Roman wrestling. In free press, the medal series is 8-7-10.

Kuosmanen and Savolainen also wrestled Greco-Roman.

In addition to athletics, wrestling is the only sport in which Finland has participated since 1906.

The only Finnish Olympic winners in the heavyweight series are Yrjö Saarela (1912) and Adolf Lindfors (1920), whose family tree contains a young wrestler in Helsinki today, albeit under a different surname.

Finland ‘s previous wrestling medalist is Marko Yli-Hannus, who wrestled with silver in Athens in 2004 in the 76 – pound series.

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