Olympics Dancers Bring Simplified Signs to Life – Pictograms Delight at Olympics Opening Ceremony

Images depicting the various sports of the Olympics were played through at a breathtaking pace.

Of the Olympics simple illustrations or pictograms representing different species changed from symbols to lively figures. Dancers dressed in white and blue costumes brought the characters to life at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday.

Olympic pictograms are blue signs on a white background.

The dancers performed all 50 sporting symbols through the most special means possible. Many funny insights were seen in the fast-paced pantomime performances.

The pictograms were first presented at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, where they were intended to facilitate language barriers between viewers and participants. The symbols were easy to use without verbal communication.

The Olympics website reports that the pictogram performance was based on the Japanese pantomime duo MASA and Hitoshi.

Skating is seen as a new sport at the Olympics, so of course it has its own pictogram, which was also seen in the show.

The pictograms aroused admiration on social media, especially when their origins are related to the Olympics.

Many praised pantomime as the best part of the opening.

A live pictogram was also spotted at the press conference.



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