Olympics Belarusian athlete transported to airport not planning to return to home country, Czech Republic and Poland offered visa

Krystsina Tsimanouskaja ran into difficulties after criticizing the coaching leadership of the Belarusian national team. Now he has applied for asylum in Japan.

Belarusian sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaja is safe at Tokyo airport, Reuters says.

The Olympic Committee of Belarus transported Tsimanouskaya to the airport against his will on Sunday and tried to fly this to his homeland in the middle of the Games. The reason was the runner’s criticism of the national team’s coaching leadership.

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Tsimanouskaya spent the night at an airport hotel. He is currently discussing his future plans with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He has said he has no plans to return to Belarus.

“We have kept and are going to keep in touch with him. But in the end, when it comes to broader issues, it is not the responsibility of the IOC, ”the Olympic Committee Mark Adams commented.

Reuters according to Tsimanouskaya has applied for asylum in Japan. In addition, the Czech Republic and Poland have offered the runner a visa.

“If he wants, he can continue his sports career in Polish colors,” Marcin Prydacz The Polish Foreign Ministry said.

“The situation in Tsimanouskaja is a scandal. The Czech Republic is ready to help, ”said the Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek in turn swore.



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