Olympics Awakening at 3.25, three hours later jump into 29-degree seawater – women’s marathon saw a fierce medal battle

The medals of the ten-mile race fit within two seconds.

Tokyo the race, held in one of the most special conditions of the olympics, was seen on wednesday early in the morning local time as marathon participants jumped into the water.

There was no need for participants in the palate, as the sea water in front of Tokyo was as high as 29 degrees. Therefore, the competition started already at 6.30.

Eventually, after nearly two hours of hard work, the medals of the ten-kilometer race in open water were divided by extremely small differences.

Gold was exported to Brazil Ana Marcela Cunha at 1: 59.30.8. Silver came to Holland Sharon van Rouwendaal lost in just 0.9 seconds.

The bronze was taken by Australia Kareena Lee 1.7 seconds gold medalist slower than Cunha.

In the end, the first seven women in the race fit in 7.1 seconds.

Americans Haley Anderson and Location Twichell came to the finish in sixth and seventh place.

Twichell said he had already woken up at 3.25. He was not disturbed by the warm conditions.

“I usually perform well in the heat. Haley and I got used to the hot conditions at camp in April, and I was just trying to handle the hydration now, ”Twichell commented. The Guardian.

Twichell led the race for a long time, but bowed in the final seven laps.

“I felt strong, but the last round was tight.”

Brazilian Cunha is considered one of the best open water swimmers of all time.

He has won five World Championship gold in open water swimming, among other things, and has been awarded Best Open Water Swimmer of the Year in 2010, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019.



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