Olympics Australian athletes broke up the beds and made a hole in the wall before leaving Tokyo

Also on the return flight, some of the athletes behaved badly, the Australian Olympic Committee reports.

Australian athletes damaged the beds in the hotel rooms of the Olympic village and made a hole in the wall. In addition, some athletes behaved badly on the flight home, the country’s Olympic Committee says BBC’s by.

Australian team leader Ian Chesterman says no disciplinary action is allowed because the athletes who took part in the activities have apologized for their behavior.

“Some young people make mistakes. They have left the rooms in a condition that is not acceptable. ”

Chesterman adds that the damage was small, “and breaking the cardboard bed is not the worst possible act”.

The cardboard box beds in the Olympic Village received a lot of publicity on the ship’s ship days. Cardboard is an easily recyclable material that has apparently withstood well at least in normal use.

For example, a sailor Wind Petäjä-Sirén found the beds in the Olympic village quite durable.

Chesterman did not name the athletes or sports that the athletes represented. The Australian Olympic Committee, on the other hand, said national football and rugby federations are investigating the misconduct reported from last Friday’s flight.

Australian President of the Olympic Committee Matt Carroll says it has not received an official complaint from the airline, but “unacceptable behavior has been brought to our attention”.

“It’s a very big disappointment, but both the rugby and football associations have told me that this kind of behavior is really not acceptable in their sport, and they have sincerely apologized to the Australian Olympic team.”

“The CEOs of the unions are committed to taking the necessary action and reporting it to us,” Carroll continues.

The Australian men’s rugby-7 team reached the semi-finals, the men’s soccer team ended up in the group stage. The women’s soccer team is still involved in Tokyo, where it will face the United States in a bronze match on Thursday.



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