Olympics Athletics legend Sebastian Coe believes in the realization of the Tokyo Olympics

Coe acknowledges that the Games may have to be held without an audience and thinks everyone will accept it.

International President of the World Athletics Federation (WA) Sebastian Coe is still confident about hosting the Tokyo Olympics next summer.

Coe admits, however, the BBC, the British broadcaster in an interviewthat the Games may have to be held without an audience.

“I would really like to have [katsomoihin] loud and passionate supporters, but if the only way is to hold them behind closed doors, I think everyone will accept it, ”Coe says.

British newspaper The Times said on Thursday night, relying on a Japanese government source that The Tokyo Olympics must be canceled. The country’s government denied the matter on Friday.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Australian and US Olympic Committees, for their part, said they would continue preparations for the Games as normal.

In recent years Grand Runner Coe recognizes the organization of the Games as a challenge.

“However, there are two really big differences between where we were a year ago at this time and where we are now. One is a vaccine whose coverage will increase dramatically in the coming months. We are still six months away from the Games. ”

“In our own sport, athletes still have access to their training places and they continue to compete,” Coe continues.


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