Olympics A weightlifter who disappeared from the Olympic camp but was later found was sent back to his home in Uganda

A Ugandan lifter would not have been able to race in Tokyo.

His team an Ugandan weightlifter who lost from a training camp last Friday Julius Ssekitoleko has been sent from Japan back to his native Uganda. The 20-year-old weightlifter returns to the African continent with his coach, said Japanese news agency Kyodo News.

Check status recently learned that he could not participate in the Tokyo Olympics weightlifting due to land quotas. As a result, Sekekoleko did not show up for the coronavirus test, nor was he found in a hotel room. The Ugandan lifter was finally reached on Tuesday by local authorities from the area of ​​Mie Prefecture on Honshu Island.

Before of his disappearance, Ssekitoleko had left a message in his hotel room saying he did not want to return to his homeland because of poor job opportunities.



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