Olympics A member of the Japan Olympic Committee asked the Olympics, the IOC and Tokyo organizers: “The Games have lost their meaning”

Kaori Yamaguchi, who achieved Olympic 1988 bronze in Judo, thinks Japan has been driven with an Olympic host to a corner with no way out.


Japan member of the Olympic Committee Kaori Yamaguchi strongly criticized the holding of the Tokyo Summer Olympics on Friday in the current corona situation.

Yamaguchi, who achieved Olympic 1988 bronze in Judo, thinks Japan has been driven with the Olympic host to a corner with no way out.

According to Yamaguchi, “the Games have lost their significance,” but the event can no longer be canceled when the opening time is less than 50 days.

“I don’t know what these Olympics mean and to whom. The event has already lost its relevance and the Games are being held only because it has been agreed, ”Yamaguchi condemned the Games in an opinion paper published by the Kyodo News Agency.

– We have been driven into a corner so that this can no longer be stopped. We will be judged if we cancel the race and we will be judged if we do not cancel the event.

According to surveys, as many as 80 percent of Japanese oppose the organization of the Games in the current corona situation. According to Yamaguchi, the Japanese government has also lost the trust of the people due to the Games.

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Also The IOC was criticized by the International Olympic Committee.

“The IOC seems to think that Japanese public opinion is irrelevant,” Yamaguchi wrote and specifically mentioned the vice-president overseeing the race arrangements at the IOC. John Coates.

Japan has survived the corona pandemic relatively well, but Tokyo and several other areas will be in an emergency until June 20 due to the fourth wave of infections.

Medical expert of the Government of Japan Shigeru Omi and the country’s medical association opposes the organization of the Games.

¨ “Under no circumstances should competitions be held when there is an emergency in the area,” Omi said.

At the same time, he encouraged stricter corona restrictions than the government to deal with the emergency before the Games, which begin on July 23rd.

Experts’ concern is heightened by the fact that Japan’s vaccination program is only just gaining momentum. So far, about 3% of citizens have received full vaccine protection.

According to researchers, the cancellation of the Games would result in financial losses to Japan of almost 14 million euros.



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