Olympics A German competitor hit the horse several times with a whip when the horse refused to jump – Violent behavior brought inquiries to Finnish sports federations as well

Germany’s Annika Schleu failed when the horse refused to jump. Schleu hit the horse with a whip several times and tried hard to get the horse back on track.

Tokyo the show jumping race in the modern pentathlon of the olympics reversed the course of the race dramatically and in a way that will probably be enough to talk about for a long time to come.

Friday in Germany Annika Schleu was a fair leader in the women’s race and on his way to Olympic gold. In the show jumping section, everything turned on its head. Schleu’s horse Saint Boy refused to jump and Scheleu fell far from the tip.

A conversation arose about how Schleu behaved towards his horse after refusing to jump. A crying German hit the horse with a whip several times and tried with harsh grips to get the horse back on track. Coach Kim Raisner received starting passports from the federation from the Olympics when he told Scheleu to hit his horse properly and then hit the horse himself with a fist. Raisner is unable to coach in the men’s competition.

Schleu’s performance can be viewed Yle Arena. Schleu’s performance starts at 4.33.20.

Modern the specialty of pentathlon compared to normal show jumping is that the horses are acquired by the race organizer.

The rider is only allowed to get to know the horse drawn for him for 20 minutes before his performance. The rider and the horse are weird to each other, unlike in show jumping, where a competing horse may have years of cooperation with the rider behind.

On the website of the Olympic Committee describes the skills a cavalry soldier is testing the species. The skill of handling a new horse also rises from this starting point.

The discussion on social media also spawned contacts in Finland. As well as the sports director of the Equestrian Association Jutta Koivula that Vice-President of the Fencing and Pentathlon Association Riina Pitkänen say that by Saturday morning, enthusiasts had come in contact about how to treat horses as seen.

Pitkänen says that the competition saw completely unnecessary excesses, which was followed by the jury not daring to follow the rules and intervene in situations. Schleu’s situation was, he said, the most egregious example, but other situations were seen.

“According to the rules, a leash may only be used to repair and encourage a horse, not to punish. It must not be used with force or in any way for the purpose of damage. In addition, the horse must be given the opportunity to react before repeating. Multiple consecutive lashes are not ok, ”says Pitkänen.

Fencing and Pentathlon Association immediately on Saturday morning, he sent a bulletin stating that Finland was driving rule changes to the sport. Finland calls for more uniform lines of rules to ensure that rules are not viewed at any level through the fingers.

A problem with the rules is mentioned in the bulletin, for example, that a rider is allowed to continue performing after derailing or overturning a horse. The goal is still to continue quickly, because time will not stop. Fear of exceeding the maximum time.

In show jumping, falling over and derailing immediately causes the performance to be rejected.

The Equestrian Association also published on Saturday a bulletin calling for rule changes for modern pentathlon.

Long according to which the 20-minute preparation time is difficult to change without changing the nature of the species.

Instead, he thought, the height of the obstacle could be considered. Today, 120-cent hurdles are jumped in competitions, which is quite demanding with a short introduction time.

In Finnish national pentathlon, 100-cent obstacles are used. In show jumping, 120 centimeters are used in national and regional level competitions, but not at lower levels. Most of the 120 cent hurdles are national.

When more than one sport is controlled, riding practice is clearly less in pentathletes than in show jumpers focusing on only one sport. Pitkänen estimates the number of training sessions in the sport as variegated. A riding permit is obtained from a national sports federation, whose requirements may differ.

On the one hand, you have to succeed as a rider in the sport, because at zero the riding section falls from the top fight. On the other hand, the biggest competitions feature qualifiers that do not include riding. Thus, it may be wiser for a novice athlete to seek their strengths in other sports in order to qualify for the actual competitions.

In addition to horseback riding, modern pentathlon competes in swimming, fencing and shooting. Thus, there are currently four sports in practice, when shooting and cross-country running are combined into a shooting run in the same competition.

Koivula of the Finnish Equestrian Association also considers the 120-cent obstacles to be challenging on a general level, if the time to get acquainted with the horse is short.

“If you’re an inexperienced rider, then 120 cents is awkward for a new horse. Most riding enthusiasts never jump 120 cent tracks, ”says Koivula.



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