Olympic Games Lions’ Hannes Björninen sticks to his “fish sticks” – Marko Anttila’s growls don’t help: “It’s a tough guy”

Hannes Björninen stepped in front of the media with a gold medal around his neck and a mustache still in place.

About the crowds known for its mustache Hannes Björninen played himself permanently in the hearts of lion fans at the Beijing Olympics.

Björninen guided the Lions victory goal against Russia in the air. It was the only goal of the four-way striker in the tournament, but more importantly.

During the tournament, Björninen assured him that his mustache would not go anywhere, even if the tournament turned into gold.

The promise was kept, as the gold hero’s “fish sticks” were still there when the team arrived at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on Monday afternoon.

However, the teammates did not agree to save the mustaches.

“Yes, there has been some talk about it. At least for the time being, they have remained in it, ”Björninen acknowledged.

After the semi-finals Marko Anttila rumbled that the mustache must leave. However, he was disappointed.

“It [Björninen] is a strict guy and commands me, so I haven’t been allowed to drive them yet, ”Anttila commented.

Hannes Björninen faned the winning goal against Russia with a mustache.

Lions celebrated the championship in China according to a long formula.

“It simply came to our notice then [myöhään]. We got to eat in one hotel inside the bubble, and the race village went on for the rest of the night. We had a pretty early departure in the morning, but it was a lot of fun and we got to be together. ”

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After the final, pictures and videos with the Lions goalkeepers spread on social media Jussi Olkinuora and Frans Tuohimaa tore in the locker room. The duo played air guitar on the lower shelters alone, like Jukka Tammi year 1995.

Frans Tuohimaa and Jussi Olkinuora in the festive mood in the locker room after the final match.

It took some time to move to the hotel because the atmosphere in the booth was so special.

“It took several hours. The locker room after the championship was definitely the most fun and memorable moment. ”

When The lions returned to Finland, there were exhausted men on the plane. However, some were offered comfortable beings in business class. The more spacious seats were distributed in melted harmony.

“Yes, that’s what the experience was about and who wanted it there. Some wanted to be on the other side quite voluntarily. ”

Björninen did not remember who was honored to enjoy the luxury.

“I don’t really remember everything. I wasn’t there myself. ”

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The journey of the lions continued to the folk festival, which will be held at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

“We left the race village at the airport at six o’clock, and now it’s already local time. I have traveled all day. It also took a long time at the airport. However, everything went well and fortunately we were able to leave and arrive in Finland after a short delay. ”

At the airport The mascot of Lahti Pelicans, Pekko Pelikaani, was facing Björn. Björninen, who plays in the jokers, was bred by Pelicans and played in the club until last season.

Pekko held a sign in the airport reception hall that read:

“Welcome back home Hannes Björninen and Leijonat! Congratulations!”

Pekko Pelikaani arrived against Hannes Björn.

“I didn’t actually see Pekko, but it’s a great thing that Lahti is remembered too. I am a proud Lahti resident and I remember my roots. I am grateful for all the help and support I have received from there. ”

Lahti In addition, Björninen is now a popular face elsewhere in Finland. Becoming a cult player of the people does not startle the 26-year-old striker.

“It doesn’t change my being in any way. Whenever I’m in a race I try to play as well as possible and help the team win. Now we got a great prize. I think that’s the most important thing. ”

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Quadruple workers, including Björninen, often play a key role in the competition and become an audience favorite. In Beijing, he was accompanied by Anttila and Saku Mäenalanen.

Björninen could not name the reason for his sudden popularity.

“Good question. I can’t say the answer. At least we’re trying to work hard for the team and get results through it. It will surely inspire others. ”

In the final, Björninen hit perhaps the biggest goal in lion history. He couldn’t deny that the hit tasted good.

“It felt great, of course. We got to play the best game in the tournament and our field played the best game in the right place. ”

“It feels great. We ran a great tournament and got the decision we deserved. ”

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