Olympic Games Corona-era condoms arouse wonder and amusement in the race village: “I thought I would hang them on the edge of the fireplace when I get home”

Condoms are distributed in the Olympic Village and are only recommended for use after the Games.

Beijing about 150,000 condoms will be distributed at the olympics despite a global coronavirus pandemic and the international olympic committee game book urges us not to shake hands and keep a safe distance from others.

However, at the bottom of the condom package being distributed is: “It is recommended to use these after the Olympics.”

Condoms are thus more of a souvenir, although new uses for safe sex have already been devised in the Olympic Village.

“Maybe the Chinese think we should use them on our hands, head or something, Jamaican alpine skier Benjamin Alexander considers the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation In an interview with NRK.

Alexander even poses with condoms in his hands in an NRK article.

Alexander is Jamaica’s first alpine skier at the Olympics. Before starting his alpine skiing career five years ago, he has worked as a model and done DJ gigs, among other things.

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Soon after arriving at the Olympic Village, Alexander noticed that condoms were freely available in the main building of the Olympic capital.

“They’re right at the main entrance, next to a sign about safe sex and everything else.”

Also norwegian alpine skier Lucas Braathen was surprised at a press conference by asking what he thought of the subject.

“I have nothing to say, I will leave this expert to the left to answer,” Braathen said and postponed the answer. Atle Lie McGrathille.

“We can discuss this in the back room, so maybe we’ll find a good solution,” McGrath laughed.

Freeski counters Sandra Eie and Johanne Killi have not received condoms in the Olympic Village, but consider their distribution to be quite special.

“Jestas. If you don’t plan to do it one year, it will be this year, ”Eie told NRK.

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“It’s not the first thing I think of when I come here,” Killi says.

Norwegian coach Herman Orheim Meanwhile, he says the coaches have received condom packages and have plans to take them home as race souvenirs.

“I thought I’d hang them on the edge of the fireplace when I get home,” Orheim says.

Condoms have been distributed by the International Olympic Committee since HIV became a concern in the 1980s.

The Beijing Committee told NRK by email that condoms are being distributed “to protect the health of all concerned and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. And because it is a practice that has been followed in previous Olympics. ”

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