Olympic Committee Yle: Mika Lehtimäki’s inappropriate behavior was also associated with physical harassment

Mika Lehtimäki said that she had received a warning about the “too friendly” night messages she had sent to women. Yle now says, based on the new information he received, that the behavior was also associated with physical harassment.

Olympic Committee head of the top sports unit Mika Lehtimäki resigned on Monday, when Yle had highlighted her behavior toward women.

An article published by Yle last Thursday said that Lehtimäki had received a warning in the autumn about inappropriate behavior against women.

At the press conference, Lehtimäki himself said that the reason for the warning was the nocturnal messages, which he described as “too friendly”.

Now Yle says, based on the information it has received, that it is not just about night messages. When investigating the improper use of Lehtimäki, physical harassment has also been revealed.

According to Yle, there has been misuse for several years. It has targeted people who have only been in contact with Lehtimäki in work matters. Improper use has occurred over several years.

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In connection with the inappropriate behavior, Lehtimäki has, according to the reports, raised the possibility of influencing the person’s career.

New ones the information contradicts not only Lehtimäki, but also the chairman of the Olympic Committee Jan Vapaavuoren with previous comments.

Vapaavuori told Ilta-Sanomat on Friday, that after Lehtimäki’s behavior came to light in the autumn, the Olympic Committee “assessed the disciplinary case very carefully from both a legal and moral point of view” and then “concluded that the warning was an adequate and severe sanction”.

In the same interview, Vapaavuori said that there was no question of physical harm in Lehtimäki’s case and that “there have been strict non-disclosure agreements on the matter and its details”.

Mightily according to new information, no non-disclosure agreement has been entered into.

In addition, according to Yle, Vapaavuori has become aware of the wishes of the persons who have been subjected to inappropriate behavior over the weekend that the incorrect information presented about the case will be corrected.

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Vapaavuori admits to Yle that he has become aware of such messages.

“I have communicated that I do not understand to what extent they should be corrected. I wish the items could be in direct contact with me. Personally, I don’t even know who the people are, ”he commented in the story.

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