Olympic Committee The Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori was elected Chairman of the Finnish Olympic Committee, the election was decided only in the second round of voting

Vapaavuori won Susanna Rahkamo in the decisive vote.

Jan Vapaavuori is the new chairman of the Finnish Olympic Committee. The decision was made at the autumn meeting of the Olympic Committee in Vantaa on Saturday. Vapavuori, 55, has been exposed to the coronavirus, which is why he was not present in Vantaa.

Vapaavuori (Kok.) Is the mayor of Helsinki. He will become the 16th chairman of the Finnish Olympic Committee. The term of office is four years.

Vapaavuori won the decisive second round of voting Susanna Rahkamon 79–54 of the vote.

In the first round, Vapaavuori received 47 votes, Rahkamo 46, Ilkka Kanerva 30 and Sari Multala 10.

Finland Elected as the new chairman of the Paralympic Committee Sari Rautio. Raution is the chairman of the Hämeenlinna City Board. He has held a number of positions related to disability sports.

“Effective cooperation in different directions is the most important thing. The Paralympic Committee is already an interesting partner, and we are interesting when we know how to work together, provide solutions and help. The cooperation is the best way forward for our athletes and mobile people, ”Rautio commented in the press release.

“We also need to make even more of ourselves a number, in a positive spirit. We have terribly good stories to tell. We also have the courage to take a stand, not just wait to be asked. ”

The news is complete.

Susanna Rahkamo.­


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