Olympic Committee The Finnish Ski Association wants an outside investigation into Mika Lehtimäki’s harassment

However, the Ski Association does not take a position on convening an extraordinary meeting of the Olympic Committee membership.

Finland the Finnish Ski Association supports the decision of the Olympic Committee that an external body investigate the head of the Top Sports Unit; Mika Lehtimäki harassment.

The Board of the Ski Association unanimously stated its support for an independent report in accordance with the decision of the Olympic Committee, ”Vice-President of the Ski Association Martti Uusitalo says in a press release.

Last week, the Badminton Association proposed convening an extraordinary membership meeting in a letter sent to the member associations of the Olympic Committee.

The board of the Finnish Sports Federation (SUL) reached the same position at its meeting last Friday.

Chairman of SUL Sami Itani hoped that the other major member unions would also take a stand to hold the necessary extraordinary meeting.

The Ski Association does not take a position on this. According to its press release, it is only in favor of an external investigation.

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President of the Ski Association Markku Haapasalmi is a member of the Board of the Olympic Committee.

HS did not reach Uusitalo or Haapasalmi for comment on Wednesday.

Olympic Committee chairman Jan Vapaavuori has itself emphasized that the investigation of Lehtimäki ‘s inappropriate treatment of women requires external treatment.

According to the Finnish Center for the Ethics of Sport (Suek), the internal decision-making of the Olympic Committee is a matter of good governance and not a suspected violation of the ethical rules of sport. Therefore, according to the rules, it is not subject to examination by Suek.

Instead, Suek clarifies two other suspicions of harassment related to the Olympic Committee. One of them concerns a weightlifter who resigned from the Olympic Committee Anni Vuohijoki suspected of harassment at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The second concerns a case at a Finnish Olympic team preparation camp in Japan where a person on the Olympic Committee is suspected of verbally harassing a person on the team.

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The Badminton Association also demanded that the special committee it proposed be entitled to dismiss the board of the Olympic Committee if the report warrants it.

Sports Law Expert, Associate Judge Olli Rausteen according to the Badminton Association’s proposal goes too far.

“I think the special committee should handle the commissioning of the report and report back in due course to the new meeting of the member organizations of the Olympic Committee. The meeting would then decide whether the report warrants action on the part of the government, ”Rauste said.

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