Olympic Committee | Matti Heikkinen sought to learn from Norway – this is how he responds to the astonishment of the sports community

According to Matti Heikkinen, working remotely while living in Norway has gone well.

Finland On Tuesday, the Olympic Committee organized an event where it reviewed the situation of the country’s top sports and published the support decisions for the winter sports.

The head of OK’s elite sports unit was also present at the event Matti Heikkinenwho has been spending more time in Oslo lately.

Heikkinen moved to Norway for a few weeks at the beginning of May, where his spouse Suvi Heikkinen carry out a researcher exchange. It was reported last week Evening newspaper.

Heikkinen’s remote work has not only been received positively on the domestic sports field, but the absence of the top sports director has been surprised and amazed.

However, according to Heikkinen, the astonishment has not reached him.

“Positive feedback has come that you dare to go and see things from outside as well. On the other hand, when you open your laptop and make a remote connection, very few people know whether you are in Jenki or Finland, Lapland or Helsinki”, Heikkinen says and describes the increased remote work culture these days.

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“Trust is such that we inevitably make decisions with individual athletes, sports and the ministry. When trust is built, we are able to hold discussions critically and with confidence about different issues. I have found that valuable.”

Weak feels that taking care of the person from Norway has gone well, even though face-to-face contacts have been few and far between.

“Yes, in terms of managing people, physical contacts are extremely important, but you can also do that remotely. A lot of work is done where the laptop opens. It has gone well.”

Marri Heikkinen told with a smile about her remote work experience in recent weeks.

According to Heikkinen, the work is such that you have to be constantly on the move and in remote connections even in Finland. He says that since last autumn he has been walking a lot, especially between Helsinki and Jyväskylä.

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” This is a comprehensive job and a lifestyle profession. Yes, there is a lot of feedback in hobbies and anywhere, from everyday social activities, children’s activities to veteran sports. Siiri Rantanen Olympic rings were placed on the tombstone, his son called about it. Yes, this thing is such that if it wasn’t remote, you wouldn’t be able to tear everywhere.”

Top sports director says that in Norway he also got to know how top sports and club work are managed in the fjord country.

“In Norway, I have met people and seen it in everyday life. I recommend everyone to go and see the sports lifestyle and culture in Norway. I have also been in the daily life of club activities to see it when we talk about the mass. In the club activities around Olympiatoppen, there is a lot of buzz in many sports. “

“But there are also very similar challenges there. When you talk with, for example, club managers, it is challenging to find and engage coaches there as well. Although the resources are different and there are many enthusiasts, there are the same types of problems there as here.”

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The time in Norway, which has continued since the beginning of May, is coming to an end at this point, as the entire Heikkinen family will return to their native Finland next week.

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