‘Oil doll’ is handed over to justice linked to PDVSA embezzlement



The young woman assures that she is innocent.

The young woman assures that she is innocent.

Prosecutor Tarek William Saab accused Olvany of being part of a prostitution ring in Caracas.

Olvany Gaspari is one of the four women requested by the Venezuelan justice system, accused of being part of the corruption scheme that embezzled Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). Besides, he is romantically linked to former deputy Hugbel Roa, who is already in prison.

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The young woman spread a video on the networks and narrates that he decided to turn himself in to the authorities after the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) raided his house.

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“I am here showing my face since I am being presented with accusations in which I have nothing to do. Today I am here in the authorities presenting myself so that all the investigations that have to be done are carried out in order to have my right to defense “. he said she.

The woman assured that she had hidden because “because it is not easy that they are accusing you of crimes that you have nothing to do with.”

According to the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, Gaspari is an “Oil Doll”, for being involved in embezzlement and taking advantage of it for a life of luxury and prostitution ring to which she was allegedly linked.

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The young woman flaunted her luxuries.



Railin Elizabeth Yépez, Ximena Cagide and Yuravic Ravelo are the other three women who are fugitives from justice.

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CARACASWith information from El Nacional

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