Oil damage An oil spill was discovered on the Ruovesi shipyard in Pirkanmaa on Tuesday night, with oil spreading to an area of ​​a few hundred square meters

The origin of the damage is not yet known.

Pirkanmaa In Ruovesi, after nine, the rescue service received an alert on Tuesday night about a major oil spill. There is an oil film on the water surface of Ruovesi’s waterfront in an area of ​​a few hundred square meters.

Firefighter on duty at the Pirkanmaa Rescue Department Ville Vahala says that oil can often spread into water bodies and even a small amount can spread over a large area. This time, however, the damage has been greater than usual.

“[Öljyä] is an area of ​​a few hundred square meters on the beach and a little outside. It rarely spreads so widely, ”says Vahala.

Wax according to the origin of the oil is not yet known, but it is a shipyard.

“There have been boats and a refueling station here,” says Vahala.

The beach is left overnight with suction booms to absorb oil. According to Vahala, the rescue service will reassess the situation on Wednesday morning.

Ruovesi is located northeast of Tampere.



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