Nyt.fi | Why do politicians flirt with the Lapua movement, even though, according to researchers, it was a terrorist organization? “Very exceptional”

In March 1930, the supporters of the Lapua movement stripped and mumbled Nieminen, a factor in the work’s Voice of Vaasa magazine, and destroyed the machines of the printing house that printed the magazine.­

The Lapua movement beat and murdered citizens it considered to be communists, terrorized property and sought to overthrow the government. Yet the people involved in politics still use the symbolism of the movement. Researchers Tommi Kotonen and Emilia Palonen, who are familiar with politics and extremism, find it special.

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Jose Riikonen

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New Year’s on the eve Piia Kattelus-Kilpeläinen posted a New Year’s greeting on Twitter.

Kattelus-Kilpeläinen is a police officer on leave of absence, a member of the Seinäjoki City Council and a candidate for basic Finnish municipal elections. On social media, he says he is an individual.

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