Nyt.fi | The chat room, hosted by Mikael Gabriel, is gaining praise in the new Clubhouse app, as it doesn’t hear the “flutter” familiar from Twitter.

A month ago, Mikael Gabriel wanted to see how many Finns there are in the soundhouse Clubhouse. He opened a chat room, which is now attended by about a hundred people every weekday morning.

“At first I usually ask people what’s up and how the morning has started. However, I do not have the decision-making power over how the topic of discussion ends in the end. ”

The Good Morning Finland discussion room is a widespread phenomenon among Finnish Clubhouse users. The discussion in the room is hosted by a rapper Mikael Gabriel, real name Mikael Sohlman.

Clubhouse is new social media app, where users talk to each other in chat rooms. All communication takes place via voice, ie sharing texts, images or videos is not possible in the Clubhouse.

The app was released in April 2020 and was developed by U.S. entrepreneurs Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. Currently, a Clubhouse user can only be accessed by an invitation sent by another user, and it only works on Apple’s iOS operating system.

In Finland interest in the Clubhouse increased from the beginning of the year. Mikael Gabriel says he joined the Clubhouse app last December. He received an invitation from an American friend.

“It was still a really closed community at that time, and there were not many Finns there. I went to different rooms and mostly just listened to what was being said there. ”

Today, Finns can be found, for example, in the Sauna Club, which is said to be an “original Finnish club”.

Other popular Finnish clubs include Suomi Klubi (over 1,100 members), Media Suomi (over 600 members) and Luovuusklubi (over 350 members).

The Sauna Club has over 6,500 members and was founded by Lilli Keh. Below the Sauna Club you will also find the Good Morning Finland discussion room hosted by Mikael Gabriel.

Mikael Gabriel opens the chat room as soon as he wakes up, usually at nine in the morning. The room is open every morning from Sunday to Friday.

He says that there is not really any red thread in the Good Morning Finland room. In recent days, there has been talk, among other things, about public restrooms, Prince Harry and Meghan Marklesta as well as the corona crisis.

While the topics of discussion are sometimes light, deep issues are also discussed in the room, and many share their harsh experiences.

“There has been talk of school bullying, for example. When there are people in the room who share the same experience, it also acts as a support network. ”

Mikael Gabriel says that you can talk about any topic in the discussion room. However, no one is persuaded to say anything that the speaker himself does not want.

At the Clubhouse, users can jump between conversations, stop listening, or participate in the conversation themselves. The user who created the chat room can decide who to give the floor to, and users can also request the microphone themselves.

In the Good Morning Finland room, most of them are just listening. However, it is possible for participants to “get on stage” and take part in the discussion.

There has been at least one new person involved every morning. Mikael Gabriel says that many people follow the conversation first for a while, for example a week, and then want to get on stage.

“We are usually on stage at the same time for ten to 28 people. There is really no maximum or minimum amount for it. Anyone who wants to talk is more than welcome. ”

Mikael Gabriel says he has received a lot of good feedback from the chat room.

“Many have said they wouldn’t be able to start mornings without it anymore.”

He sees the Club House’s podcast-side platform. The chat room is like a podcast that you can participate in and influence yourself.

People can listen to the conversation in the Good Morning Finland room, for example, on their business trip – in the same way as a podcast or radio.

“Sometimes I throw some poop stuff in there to lighten the mood. When you first discuss three hours of something really profound, it can be hard to get energetic to spend the day. ”

The clubhouse is a very versatile platform. According to Mikael Gabriel, people come to the Clubhouse most often to look for information and to get to know new people and career opportunities.

According to Mikael Gabriel, the idea for the Good Morning Finland discussion room was born one morning while he was making coffee. He wanted to find out if Finnish users had arrived at the Clubhouse.

Mikael Gabriel says that on the first morning there were about twenty participants.

“Already on the first day, I noticed that I met nineteen new people. I got to know them better than just scratching the surface. ”

The next morning, Mikael Gabriel wanted to reopen the room. Already 38 people showed up at the scene.

“Today, there are a hundred people listening, and twenty talking. It’s been great to see how people have found it. ”

Chat room has been standing for days on end. Mikael Gabriel says he spends more time in the Clubhouse than in any other social media application.

Mikael Gabriel considers the change in conversation culture to be the main reason for Clubhouse’s popularity. In the Good Morning Finland discussion room, one does not hear the familiar “flutter” on Twitter.

According to Mikael Gabriel, it is a “freshi breeze in the middle of teasing”.

“There, people talk respectfully to each other, even if they disagree.”

According to Mikael Gabriel, there is a culture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where you can say anything behind the nickname.

The change in conversation culture at Clubhouse has been particularly influenced by the fact that users speak to each other in their own name – and with their own voice. The conversation is responsive, and one’s own comment cannot be considered for a long time as on Facebook, for example.

“It certainly brings people closer together precisely because the culture of conversation is what it is even when we meet face to face. ”

Mikael Gabrielin according to the emotional states and intentions of the interviewers become clearer when it comes to speech and not written text.

“If you write sarcastically on Twitter, no one may understand it because no one hears the sound of the sun. At Clubhouse, you feel like some guy is serious. ”

Mikael Gabriel says that sometimes the speaker starts to cry.

“If you start crying on Twitter, you put on crying moths. It’s not the same thing. People don’t get the feeling that this is important. ”

Mikael Gabriel considers disagreements an important part of the debate.

“It feels like we often have a certain opinion that needs to be followed, or else there is an enemy. I don’t think humanity has been able to succeed with that kind of idea. The debate requires people to disagree, and it can help find a common middle ground. ”

According to Mikael Gabriel, in the Good Morning Finland discussion room, one does not hear the familiar “flutter” on Twitter.­

According to him, the discussion in Good Morning Finland is constructive. If someone says something offensive, they are interrupted and told why the thing they are saying is offensive.

“It’s kind of that people don’t even know why they use a particular word. Then there are people who know about it and they explain why a word should not be used. ”

Coronary pandemic has hit hard for example event areas as well performing artists such as musicians. Mikael Gabriel says that the coronavirus has also had a big impact on his life as well as his livelihood.

“Of course, it has affected everything around me, including my creativity and mood. It is only in recent months that we have begun to talk about the plight of the industry, and how we feel about the situation. ”

Mikael Gabriel has continued to make music during the pandemic. He promises that “cool stuff” is coming from the artist side this year.

Clubhouse has, for its part, brought relief to the difficult time of the Corona. The speech-based app has brought joy when other people have been encountered even less in everyday life.

It is also possible to get answers to weighty questions from the discussion. Mikael Gabriel says that there is a lot of talk in the Clubhouse about the future and, for example, how to repair the damage caused by the corona.

“I’m really happy if I am able to bring relief to people’s everyday lives. Whether it was music or even a Clubhouse room. ”

The plight of the Korona era in the music industry will also be resolved by the manager Peppi Puljujärvi hosted in the Face of the Music Industry room, where decision-makers and music industry representatives are invited to the same “discussion table” every few weeks.

“Elsewhere in Some, it wouldn’t work out in any way. It’s just responding to tweets and not the actual conversation, ”says Mikael Gabriel.

The discussion will take place in the same way as Good Morning Finland under the Finnish Sauna Club, in another chat room.

Mikael Gabriel can’t say how long the Good Morning Finland chat room will live.

At the moment, it is important for him that the discussion environment remains safe for everyone. The same, stimulating energy must remain in the room.

“It [keskusteluhuone] is so important to many people that I also feel a responsibility that I cannot fail to open that room. ”

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