Nyt.fi | Netflix’s popular new series Emily in Paris presents such a false picture of the city that the French went wild

Emily in Paris is so crowded with Parisian clichés that French critics were angry. The new comedy series has been slandered, but it is also very popular both in the world and in Finland.

Netflixin new comedy series Emily in Paris was the most watched streaming service in Finland last week.

The series, released on October 2, has also been very popular in the rest of the world. Much has been written about it, both on entertainment and cultural sites and on some. Based on the comments, the general consensus seems to be that Emily in Paris at least not very good. The real Parisians are particularly nervous about it.

Among other things The Guardian and The Hollywood Reporter according to French critics have been offended by the way Paris has been reduced in the series to mere clichés.

What is Emily in Paris talking about then?

The protagonist of the series Emily (Lily Collins) to move one year on secondment to Paris. The departure comes unexpectedly when Emily’s boss (Kate Walsh) sniffs the perfume, vomits in the trash and finds out she is pregnant.

American marketing expert and social media influencer doesn’t have time to learn French with a round edge merci’tä and pear-sounding pardonia any more. In Paris, her job is to introduce her American sister company to the American perspective on social media use and marketing.

Resolutely Emily goes to the city of dreams, but no matter how we go …

Series the pilot period is like an excerpt from the first lecture of a basic French course at any folk high school.

Emily learns that the houses in France layers is calculated from another pretty funny, customer service staff treat unkindly language unwholesome and colleagues leach to work around noon. C’est la vie!

Stereotypes and French-perceived details are so blatantly overemphasized that the end result resembles a doll’s garment.

Of course, Emily is also portrayed in the eyes of the French as a stereotype of modern Chicago career missile. She screams, is passionate, wants to please everyone, lives to work and loves the market economy as well as social media.

Series behind is the same man who once came up with the idea of ​​showing on television that women also want to have sex. A classic Single lifecreated by Darren Star has delved into the millennial mental landscape. In the year 2015 he described the generation as a state of mind and a foreign language that the uninitiated can only try to learn to speak.

Screenwriter and producer Darren Star is best known for his series Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and Single Life.­

There where Single life protagonist Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) was a decadent chain-burning columnist, Emily is a jogging labor mole. Both are united by an uncritical attitude towards consumption.

At its best Emily in Paris offers the viewer a similar escape from reality as the finnish influence’s Instagram account, curated with blue-folding filters. You don’t really want to watch it, but you still look.

Compared to how popular such social media sites are still and how many sets of Netflix listings are judged, Star succeeds. Like sometilit, the series is also addictive because it is both annoying and unreal.

However, with unreal stereotypes, the joke did not please everyone.

French entertainment site Sens Critique wrote in his estimates that Emily In Paris creates an unrealistic image of the city similar to a movie Amelié once.

According to RTL as many clichés of baguettes and berets have not been seen then by an American Gossip Girl Paris episode of the TV series.

With a Frenchman collecting viewer reviews On the Allociné website the series had received 2.8 stars out of five. According to the comments, the picture presented by the series of Emily’s nasty Parisian colleagues has worn off. In addition, the city is presented as unrealistically neat.

Emilyn Paris is reminiscent of a mood board collected for Pinterest for a summer wedding. The roughness of the city is presented to the extent that there is a dog poop on the streets.

But as the famous 2020-numbered proverb includes: a series of bad, memes of good. In recent days, online criticism of Emily in Paris has moved to the stage of making the series ruin and entertain with memes. Below are a few:

“Emily’s Paris is never gray, confused old or politically wild. Emily never uses the subway or smells the pee that covers every surface, ”writes the Finnish artist Jaakko Pallasvuo In a cartoon he shared on Instagram.

Nonetheless, as Pallasvuoki concludes with his comic, a realistic depiction of ten episodes of the life of a marketing expert working in the city would hardly be devoured in two days.

Despite a conflicting reception, there is already a possible second season in the series discussed. Perhaps Emily in Paris in its unreality, it offers exactly the kind of escapism that the citizens of the world, oppressed by climate change and forced into their homes in exceptional circumstances, need.


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