Nyt.fi | Demi Lovato’s story is similar to that of many other Disney children’s stars, the latest documentary focuses on the star’s drug addiction

The documentary series Dancing with Devil tells the story of former Disney star Demi Lovato’s substance abuse and overdose, which nearly killed her in 2018.

Example the role is heavy and not always pleasant. This is the case, at least, if the American singer-songwriter is asked From Demi Lovatolta.

A four-part documentary series about the artist and produced by Youtube Dancing with Devil premiered at the South by Southwest Festival in Texas in March. In the documentary, Lovato talks about his drug addiction and drug overdose, which was close to killing him in 2018.

In the documentary, he speaks openly about mental health problems, substance abuse, and sexual violence.

The documentary was originally intended to depict the artist’s 2018 Tell Me You Love Me tour. In retrospect, Lovato says he only showed the “tip of the iceberg” in the original material.

In the middle of the tour, Lovato experienced a severe overdose after more than six years of substance abuse and was in a coma for several weeks. The documentary’s descriptions were canceled and Lovato withdrew from publicity to recover.

Demi Lovato belongs to the same Disney Channel generation together Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomezin and the Jonas Brothers with the brothers. His loveless career began when he was only six years old when he appeared on a children’s television show Barney and friends.

In 2008, he became known for his role in the summer camp Camp Rock in the film in which he starred together Joe Jonas with. Later, Lovato starred in Disney Situation Comedy from 2009-2010 Sonny with a Chance, but dropped out of the series after two production seasons and announced a focus on music.

One at a time, former Disney stars have spoken in public about the consuming daily lives of child actors, the tremendous pressure, and the obligation to be perfect role models.

Probably the most recent of his experiences has been shared with Lovato In Camp Rock acted Alyson Stoner. Performed since childhood Stoner said in April, People reported that child actors are often put to work in conditions that violate workers ’rights, such as working too long. She herself says she experienced sexual harassment as a child actor and suffered from an eating disorder.

The Camp Rock musical, set at a summer camp, instantly made young people public figures. Pictured are Alyson Stoner (left), Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.­

The experiences are not much different from the stories of many other former child actors. In particular, 28-year-old Lovato has spoken openly in public about his eating disorder, mental health problems, suicide, and substance abuse problems.

Supervisor Michael D. Ratnerin the documentary tells of the time before and after an overdose of Lovato. Its main goal is to show Demi Lovato in a more gracious light, that is, as a person struggling with their own mental health problems and substance abuse.

Lovato goes through his childhood, which was overshadowed by a distant relationship with an addicted father, his mother’s eating disorder, fierce competition between the child stars, and later sexual abuse during adolescence.

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Instead, the Lovaton groove is wound through only in passing. There’s an obvious reason for that: this is the third documentary the artist has made in the last ten years.

The first documentary produced by the music channel MTV Demi Lovato: Stay Strong (2012) tells of the artist’s mental health problems, eating disorder, and suicide. In another document Simply Complicated (2017) Lovato reveals that he was under the influence of cocaine during an interview with the previous documentary.

Also produced by Youtube Simply Complicated tells the story of Lovato from a musically talented child to an international artist. At the same time, the documentary goes through Lovato’s drug addiction and a new drug-free life.

Formula is even a little amusing. Documents published every few years partially refute the interviews given in previous documents and apparently give a more truthful picture of the events each time.

Lovato has released seven albums in his career. Pictured is she performing in Vancouver in 2012.­

The third and most recent documentary shows the kind of control Lovato spent his drug-free life. Around the tightly controlled Lovato revolves around a large number of people whose job is to make sure the artist doesn’t use drugs and to prevent the artist from eating disorder from recurring or gaining weight.

Every person the artist met had to be completely drug-free. Friends describe receiving detailed instructions on what to eat around Lovato. The former assistant says he was once told to stay with the artist for the night because he had eaten the biscuit in the evening.

The documentary also introduces a whipped cream-coated watermelon cake that served as Lovato’s birthday cake for years.

However, the same point is made in all the documents: Whatever Lovato did or whatever he talked about, he was made a role model for young girls, a mental health ambassador, a role model for substance abuse.

The documentary series also includes excerpts from the 2018 footage, some of which were filmed just weeks before the overdose. The videos show a tired, desperate and controlled artist who gigs at a wild pace, sports too much and mourns performance costumes that don’t look the same on him as the model dolls drawn by the designers.

Lovato sums up the events that preceded the overdose as follows: during her life, everything that has been tried to be strictly limited has finally flooded over.

“I was filming and I wondered why I have not even dry when I’m so unhappy,” Lovato says she was thinking.

Secretly from his close circle, Lovato began using drugs again in 2018. For many of them, the true state of affairs was not revealed until July 24, 2018, when Lovato receives an overdose after using drugs containing fentanyl.

Demi Lovato performed the American National Anthem at the February 2, 2020 Super Bowl.­

In his own words, Lovato survived the overdose just barely. He says the overdose caused three strokes, a heart attack, permanent brain damage, pneumonia due to suffocation, and multiple organ failure.

The last part of the documentary focuses on depicting a star rising from the ashes. Lovato describes that an overdose and a coronavirus forced him to slow down and deal with his problems.

In addition, he has gathered around him a partially new group of people, the most famous addition of which is the manager Scooter Braun, known, among other things Justin Bieberin and Ariana Granden managerina.

One thing is also certain:

Demi Lovato no longer wants to be a role model or a role model.

In the final episode of the documentary series, he says he is no longer completely drug-free but plans to use drinking alcohol and using cannabis in moderation in the future. Lovaton’s close circle and the new public relations team don’t seem to be convinced of the plan, but decide to support the artist.

In a few years, we will see this move again in a new documentary in which Lovato tells us what the real thing is.

In the fourth part of the documentary series, Demi Lovato realizes her dream and cuts her short hair.­

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