Nyt.fi | Comedian Eve Kulmala makes sketch videos for Instagram criticizing social issues – “The most ridiculous joke for my audience is where feminism is mocked”

Eve Kulmala, 22, who calls herself a comedian flu, is known from Instagram instead of stand-up stages.­

Eve Kulmala makes sketch videos for Instagram, in which she criticizes social topics with the help of humor. He hopes that comedy will be aware of power structures.

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Oona Komonen

3.2. 2:00 | Updated 6:44

Camera in front she wears her favorite outfit. For a band shirt and jacket. Looks plausible, otherwise it would be in a floral dress. She puts on makeup too, restrainedly.

She says too makeup girls are superficial bimboes. A couple of comments on social media for women who “speak in too loud a voice and are stubborn horos”. Saying it out loud makes you smile.

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