Nyt.fi column | At the Jussi Gala, the best were the exhilarating awards speeches – they also showed that the Finnish film industry is going in the right direction.

This year’s Jussi Gala awards speeches were far from stiff thanksgiving prayers, which are often encountered at similar costume parties, writes Piritta Räsänen.

Finland film awards, Jussi, was distributed on Wednesday. The biggest winner was Miia Tervon Aurora, quite as expected.

While watching the gala itself, I was also delighted by another thing, which sometimes gets less attention when exciting the winners: awards speeches.

They were mundane, fun, and most of all, far from the stiff thank-you ladies often encountered at similar costume parties.

For their part, they also showed that something is going in the right direction in the Finnish film industry.

Evening the last three speeches held a total of seven awards at the big celebration of domestic cinema Auroraauthors of the film. They were awarded for Best Actress Mimosa Willamo, from the best directing I was able to grab Miia Tervo and produce the best film Max Malka.

The first of them to receive the award was Willamo, who was once awarded the Jussi statue. He stepped on the stage, visibly moved, and dug out a small patch. “I was trying to write something down because my armpits were sweating terribly,” he said and laughed.

The actress thanked the film team, colleagues and family, among others. He thanked his friends by listing his main Whatsapp groups: safe space, Cosmo Divas, salikissat …

“Oh no I must now leave… Good evening, obey the Prime Minister,” Willamo concluded.

Next Miia Tervo, who was awarded for best guidance, took the stage. He had also won the best screenplay by Jussi earlier in the evening.

“I have that baby so I made some great videos that had to be shown if a man I had to be breastfeeding. Now that they weren’t shown, I should now talk about all the things that were in those videos, ”he said at the beginning of his speech.

Tervo noted that there was a bit of a rush with writing the speech. The videos, on the other hand, would have been great. “So I made those videos with my neighbor. I asked a neighbor to describe… ”

The speech was heartfelt in its spontaneity. Among other things, Tervo thanked the team and his family and sent greetings to his mother.

“Thank you to Mom. My mother worked at a mental hospital for 37 years and never received an award for it. So mom: now it is! This is the work of the sun, ”Tervo said to the mic.

The last prize of the evening was received by Aurora producer Max Malka. Over the standing applause, he thanked the party audience.

“I’m trying now not to cry because I’m crying about everything. I cry about yogurt ads, I cry about everything, because my job is to produce emotions, so I produce them a lot myself. ”

Truly funny and honest speeches brought the epidemic to overshadow the heat in their gala despite safety gaps.

At the same time, they created hope for the film industry. As the set of characters behind the cameras diversifies, more diverse stories than before will also be seen on the big screen.

Women are now making more movies than ever before. It will survive as well Data collected by the HS from the National Audiovisual Institute, Kavi, on all films from 1913 to 2020.

Men still collect more uprights than others both in Finland and around the world. For example, in addition to Miia Tervo, only two female directors alone won the Best Direction award at the Jussi Gala in the 21st century: Maarit Lalli and Pirjo Honkasalo.

At the gala was made on Wednesday also history when In Aurora played the side Chike Ohanwe was the first dark-skinned person to win the Jussi Award. His speech also touched.

“I am currently living in a moment that I did not have as a child. This goes for that little Chike who might get it the easier way, ”he said in his award speech.

Let this also show that the road is right.


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