Nyt.fi | Bernie Sanders became a meme again as the Finnish people’s attention turned to plush tummies – we put together the best Bernie memes from the inauguration

On social media, the attention of the inauguration of the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, was stolen by Bernie Sanders.

Four years Donald Trumpin the era has officially come to an end with the new president Joe Biden took the oath of office on Wednesday.

As President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harrisin the inauguration went smoothly, it was time for the Finnish people to focus on the details of the event.

In other words, the Vermont State Senator Bernie Sandersin lapasin. And Bernie Sanders ’sitting style (is Sanders cold?). And Bernie Sanders ’jacket, which seems to be the same jacket she was wearing in the so-called In the “I’m once again asking” meme.

Bernie Sanders became a meme again. We’re looking for the best funny pictures of Sanders in the cold so our readers can spend their time on other things.

“Posing, mittens and social distance”:

Steal the Sanders style meme.

Like two berries:

Bernie Sanders trading accessories after the concert:

Bernie Sanders of the month:

Bernie Sanders in a decaffeinated herbal tea pack:

Bernie Sanders Beyoncé as background dancer:

Bernie Sanders cynically on the comic screen:

Bernie Sanders on the Viremon Grill:

Bernie Sanders listening to “coworkers’ ski outings ”:

Vice site dedicated to warm-looking tumbles all your own thing.

“The Vermont senator once again served his trademark, i.e. genuine normcore, with his well-known meme jacket, Refreshingly Forgotten Pants ™, and of course, with those mittens’, the story is written in fluent Finnish.

Will plush woolen bats become the hottest trend of winter 2021?

According to Vice, similar style mittens can be found at least on UGG and Urban Outfitters.

Sanders ’outfit, which has been characterized as characteristic of the senator’s“ normcore style, ”is even more amusing when compared to the clearly more solemn outfit choices of the other inaugurators. After all, it is the habit of politicians to indulge a little in historical occasions.

The following meme compares Barack and Michelle Obaman outfits at inauguration for Sanders ’more mundane outfit.

In addition to mittens and casual clothing, people’s attention was drawn to the large yellow envelope that passed in Sanders’ hand.

“10:30 – take clothes to the laundry, 11:00 – River stuff, 2:00 – deviate in the mail,” says one Twitter user about Sanders ’imaginary, very ordinary Wednesday.


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