Nyt.fi | 22-year-old July Jones is a rising British singer, producer and activist – who also loves Finland, Sanni and Karelian pies

July 22-year-old July Jones is a producer-artist for the BTS hit band and an lgbtq + activist who lives alternately in London and alternately in Finland.

Clock there are seven in Hackney, London. July Jones wake up, do yoga and start making music.

“I work late into the night, until I fall asleep. The same routine continues the next day, ”Jones, who does experimental“ alternative pop, ”says on the phone.

Eli who is July Jones?

The 22-year-old British-Slovenian composer-producer-artist is still an unknown name to the general public, and his own songs have so far not garnered significant audiences in Spotify. But as a composer-producer, Jones already has accomplishments.

He has been involved in composing, among others, the South Korean band BTS Map of the Soul 7 songs from the album We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal. KTS-giant BTS one of the most popular bands of the moment, and Map of the Soul 7 rose to number one on the Billboard chart of even the best-selling records in the United States when it was released in 2020.

On the more radical Alternative Music side, Jones has made music for the British, among others For the girl and for the American Zolita. In the near future, Jones’ handprint will be heard, for example, from a well-known British DJ producer. Naughty Boyn with the upcoming album.

In addition, Jones has also planned to collaborate with a Finn Sannin although the “top secret” project is reportedly not yet known in detail.

“We are fans of each other. Sanni is an amazing artist and friend, ”Jones glows.

All in all, Finland is a very familiar country to Jones. Her husband is Finnish and Jones now lives in Finland for part of the year, in London for part.

In Finland, Jones has met Sanni, among others, with whom he plans musical collaborations.­

Artistina Jones is best known in the lgbtq + community. In Britain, for example, he has been the most written about by the sexual and gender minority media.

The community is important to Jones because he experienced discrimination at a younger age because of his sexual orientation.

Jones was born and raised in Slovenia, where belonging to a sexual minority was taboo.

“Slovenia lived when there was no lgbtq + community. When I came out of the closet when I was 18, my mom didn’t talk to me after that year, ”she says.

“Because granting sexual orientation takes a long time for oneself, it’s natural that it can also take time away from the family. The news can be a big shock to them. ”

Jones is encouraged to wait for others in a similar situation, as in some cases their relatives will gradually accept the matter.

“A happy ending is not always possible, but if you don’t get approval, you can live with it.”

Jones ’musical talent first took him from Slovenia to the United States when he received a scholarship to the jazz singing department at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

“I went there to finish elementary school. It was a strange and very educational experience. America I moved to London penniless, and then I built a career here, “he says.

Jones says he longed for a sexually free idol in his own youth – the way he himself is for many right now.

“It’s important that everyone has idols to identify with. I want to show that I can be queer and successful. And that there are no boundaries, but everyone can manage on their own. ”

Mental health challenges have been the subject of Jones ’songs from the beginning. Already Jones ’first own song, which he made as a teenager, was about a mother who tried to commit suicide.

“I wanted him to know how important a person he is. And that he would do nothing for himself because he still has a role to play in the world, ”Jones recalls.

Also published by Jones two years ago Liar Liar -single song spoke about mental health issues, especially feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

“I wanted to be open to fans about feeling bad and wrestling with exactly the same problems as anyone. After the release of the song, people started to open up to me about their own experiences and how good it feels to know that you are not alone. ”

“That’s when I realized I want to talk openly about all things, even those that can be confusing. For me, music is a channel of openness, ”he says.

Jones ’own favorite musicians include young singer-songwriters, for example Lorde, Halsey and Banks.

“Also Madonna different characters through the ages are impressive. But musically, I’m moving in the direction I feel that day. ”

Mental health challenges have been the subject of Jones ’songs from the beginning.­

Jones has performed at the Pride Festival in many countries, including Helsinki. At the Pride event, Jones also met his Finnish fiancée three years ago Dakota Robinin.

Not in Helsinki, though, but in Slovenia: in Pride, Ljubljana, where Jones performed and Robin worked. Jones says Robin followed him backstage at the time.

“He stopped me and seemed nervous. When we started chatting, I realized we had so much in common that we felt like soul mates. ”

Jones emphasizes that love and connection to man is deeper than physical attraction. Dakota Robin is a transmies.

“I came first out of the closet lesbian, but in recent years has dawned on me that I panseksuaali – I love people, I do not sex.”

After Pride, Jones returned to London and Robin to Finland. Then everything went fast. After six months of distance in relation to Robin flew to London. A month later, the couple decided to go to Finland to meet the man’s parents.

And now the Jones-Robin duo live together – the accommodation is between London and Finland.

Robin works as a human rights educator and consultant. Both Jones and Robin are active on Instagram and share many of their personal experiences with their accounts.

Jones himself has more than 37,000 followers on Instagram. Every Saturday, she holds a live stream in her account that talks about the role of women in the music industry, mental health, and the lgbtq + community.

Jones again mentions openness: he says it’s the best way to fight ignorance.

“I would like people to find out about things they don’t know and through that to become more understanding of them. Stereotypes are broken by asking, so it’s also worth asking us questions that feel uncomfortable. If they don’t offend, that is, they are asked respectfully, they are ok ”.

Jonesilla It has now been three years to get to know Finnishness well. Finland and England are special in their own ways, he says – there are also differences in the countries’ lgbtq + culture.

“My work in the music industry benefits from the heated atmosphere in London, but Finland’s nature and silence are a good counterbalance to it. As a snowboarder, I really enjoy holidays in Lapland. ”

“I thought it was great to perform at the Helsinki Pride Festival 2019, but in London, lgbtq + culture naturally has a longer tradition than Helsinki. There is a more open atmosphere in London and people express themselves freely. There, no one pays attention to strangely dressing. It is beautiful to merge different cultures! ”

Jones is enlightened about the mythical Finnish interior. Still, people here should have a little more courage in some things, he says.

“I was deeply impressed by a visit to the War Museum. Finns are what they are because of history. From there, that content rises. Honesty and straightforwardness are great qualities, but sometimes I wish Finns had a little more courage.

“In London I have learned that it pays to be just kind of what I feel inside: use the crazy clothes, and be just as colorful as you want.”

About such Despite the “gray”, Jones says she is grateful to be part of Finland and her husband’s Finnish family.

When Jones is asked about things he especially likes in Finland, the list is classic: Karelian pies, Marimekko and sauna.

“I love Karelian pies. I eat them for breakfast, luckily the mother-in-law sends them to us here in London. Another obsession is Marimekko, which I have bought several bags. I’m also crazy about the sauna culture. “

“It’s really nutty to jump from the sauna to the snow or the open air. I’m not hard enough to do that yet! But the cottage is definitely my favorite place, there I relax completely. ”

Transparency, Jones says, is the best way to fight ignorance.­

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