Nurses’ strike Patients report discontinued examinations and early discharges – doctor fears worsening situation in emergency room

According to the emergency doctor, the situation looks similar to when the corona begins: people avoid going for treatment. He is most afraid of a major accident.

In hospitals has been living since the start of the nursing strike since Friday. Only nurses who did the necessary protective work are at work.

In hospital emergency rooms, the weekend is usually a busy time, but even more demanding due to the small workforce.

Not all necessary studies have been performed and not all patients in need of treatment or monitoring have been transferred to the wards.

This was also experienced by patients interviewed by Helsingin Sanomat who sought help from the emergency room on Friday. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, the interviewees in this case do not appear under their own names.

Helsinki The 58-year-old cancer patient went to the hospital emergency room on Friday in the afternoon after symptoms worsened. After a long wait, he did not get treatment until the evening.

“I had an operation, after which I should normally have had access to the ward for observation,” the man says.

“However, the wards were so full that I spent the night on duty.”

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The man’s treatment should have continued on Saturday, but there was not enough manpower to do so. He was repatriated even though the patient would normally have been observed for another day or two in the ward.

“Being at home on Saturday night was such that I realized I was in the wrong place. I was discharged far too early. We have to go back next week to complete the operation. ”

However, the man interviewed by HS does not pile up all of his troubles as a cause of the nurse strike.

“I talked to the nurses about my situation and they said this has been the case before the strike. There is too little manpower, but they have not been listened to. The strike only made things worse. ”

Vantaa resident The 32-year-old man had a dizziness attack on Friday morning and ended up in an ambulance on call. He had to wait an hour and a half to enter each stage of the investigations.

“Yes, the parsley muscles were trained there. Yes, the nurses apologized for the situation, ”the man says.

“There was a rush in the emergency room. Doctors and nurses sometimes ran from room to room. ”

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After brain imaging, the man was transferred to a ward for observation overnight. On Saturday, magnetic pictures should have been taken, but there were no staff to shoot.

The man was repatriated for the weekend. A return to the hospital is expected on Monday.

“Yes, here’s a little anxious when you don’t know what’s bothering you.”

About their situation despite this, the man from Vantaa has sympathy for the nurses who are striking. Her sister is a doctor, a mother a mental nurse and another sister a school nurse.

“My wife was in home care as a nurse but burned out and is now studying to be an radiologist. The work in home care was so scheduled that there was no time but to dispense medications. The work lacked all humanity, ”the man says.

“I know from personal experience that the demands and responsibilities of caregivers do not match the level of pay.”

In Eastern Uusimaa according to a resident emergency doctor, the situation in Hus hospital emergency departments has been relatively calm so far. However, he fears it is a base ahead of the storm.

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“When Korona started two years ago, the number of patients in the emergency room dropped dramatically. Didn’t have to complain about the little problems. I think it may still be the same phenomenon. ”

However, the doctor fears that the situation could quickly get worse. The biggest problem he considers is that patients are not allowed on duty in the wards that are full.

“What if there is a big accident, for example? Where to get the necessary manpower and care places. In the worst case scenario, the emergency service will become a terrible pressure cooker. ”

The doctor says he respects the right to strike, and he says nurses have earned a pay rise. Still, the doctor finds it strange that caregivers determine how much manpower is given to the necessary conservation work.

“One horizontal cup has the right to strike and the other the life and health of the people. That should not be the case. I am very surprised that no compromise has been reached on pay in recent weeks. ”

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