Nuclear weapons The Washington Post: Biden plans to resume nuclear deal with Russia soon

The New Start Agreement on Strategic Nuclear Weapons is the last of the Cold War major arms control agreements.

The United States new president Joe Biden intends to rush to extend the rooftop New Start contract for five years. They tell about it The Washington Post U.S. authorities interviewed by the newspaper anonymously.

The so-called New Start Treaty is the last of the Cold War ceasefire agreements still in force. It will be interrupted on the 5th of next month.

Russian the State Department rushed to remind Biden of the tight schedule as early as Wednesday, immediately after the new president had been sworn in in Washington.

“We expect the new U.S. administration to take a more constructive approach in its dialogue with us,” the Russian State Department wrote in a statement.

According to sources in The Washington Post, Biden is not an opposition politician Alexei Navalnyin poisoning and other dubious actions by Russia are hampering treaty negotiations.

“As we work with Russia, we are also working to hold Russia accountable for the ruthless and hostile acts we have witnessed in recent months and years,” an anonymous official commented to the newspaper.

Negotiations the reduction of strategic nuclear weapons was originally initiated between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1982. The agreement was signed in 1991 and limits the number of nuclear missile warheads in both countries to less than six thousand.

The parties continued to agree on additional restrictions in the Start II agreement. This agreement never came into force because of a dispute over the U.S. missile defense system.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the President of the United States Barack Obama however, agreed on additional restrictions in 2011 with the so-called New Start Agreement. This Agreement shall expire on the fifth day of the following month, unless otherwise agreed.

The outgoing President of the United States Donald Trumpin the royal idea was until last fall that China should get involved in the agreement. Beijing said unanimously that there could be less interest.


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