Nuclear weapons Kommersant: The United States and Russia will agree on the continuation of the New Start Agreement in the coming hours

The so-called New Start Treaty, which restricts strategic nuclear weapons, is the last remaining treaty on the arms control system built during the Cold War. It will expire on Friday next week.


Russia and the United States agreed to continue the so-called New Start Agreement on Strategic Nuclear Weapons on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Russian newspaper Kommersant says.

According to the newspaper, the countries are expected to exchange relevant notes in the coming hours. Already Earlier on Tuesday, the magazine reportedthat the lower house of the Russian parliament, the Duma, is preparing to ratify the agreement on an accelerated schedule. The Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee is due to discuss the matter as early as Wednesday.

In the evening too Russia’s state news agency Tass saidthat the relevant notes will be exchanged shortly. In the evening, the President of the United States Joe Biden and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke for the first time on the phone.

The current contract expires next Friday. According to Kommersant, the Duma will have time to ratify the agreement before that, so there is no need for any interim solutions.

New The Start Treaty is the last remaining treaty on the arms control system built during the Cold War. Therefore, its fate has been closely monitored. Its expiration is feared to lead to racing equipment.

The United States and Russia have been negotiating a five-year extension of the agreement, last October also in Helsinki. However, negotiations stalled during the previous US administration.

The United States would also have liked China to be strengthened by the new agreement, which is becoming a clearer opponent of it. However, China has refused.

Current President Joe Biden was known to be more sympathetic to the agreement than his predecessor. Russian experts thought the extension of the agreement was one of the few things that was positive for Russia during Biden’s term.

Negotiations the reduction of strategic nuclear weapons was initiated between the United States and the Soviet Union as early as 1982. The agreement was signed in 1991. It limited the number of nuclear missile warheads in both countries to less than six thousand.

The parties continued to agree on additional restrictions in the Start II agreement, but this agreement never came into effect in practice due to a dispute over the U.S. missile defense system.

The then president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the President of the United States Barack Obama however, agreed on additional restrictions in 2011 with the so-called New Start Agreement.


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