Nuclear power The start of electricity production at Olkiluoto 3 will be delayed again

Regular electricity generation at Olkiluoto 3 is scheduled to begin in June 2022.

Nuclear power station The start of Olkiluoto 3’s electricity production will be delayed again, informs the nuclear power company Teollisuuden Voima oy (TVO).

TVO says that it has received information from the plant supplier Areva-Siemens that Olkiluoto 3’s regular electricity production will be transferred by three months due to the maintenance of the turbine and the extension of inspection measures.

Therefore, the Olkiluoto 3 reactor is scheduled to start up in January next year. Electricity generation is scheduled to begin in February next year and regular electricity generation in June next year.

The delay in electricity production was last reported at the end of July. According to the information at the time, the power plant’s electricity production should have started in November this year and regular electricity production in March next year. Even then, the reason for the delay was stated to be turbine maintenance.

The start of electricity generation at Olkiluoto 3 has already been delayed numerous times. Initially, the power plant was to generate electricity as early as 2009.



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