Nuclear power Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority: Olkiluoto 3 is not yet ready for refueling

The aim of the Industrial Power (TVO) is that the loading of nuclear fuel could take place in March.

Under construction The third Olkiluoto nuclear reactor is not yet ready for refueling, says the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (Stuk) in its latest monitoring report. TVO, Olkiluoto 3’s customer, has set a goal that the fuel could be loaded in March.

“Currently, the OL3 plant unit still has some outstanding issues in terms of charging readiness,” the Stuk report states.

Olkiluoto 3 Last year, new difficulties arose in the construction work, due to which TVO had to postpone its assessment of the plant’s start-up again in October. Regular electricity generation should start in February 2022.

Before refueling, TVO must, among other things, provide Stuk with additional information regarding the vibration of the power line’s interconnector. The root cause of the vibration has been extensively investigated, and at the end of the year dampers were installed on the connecting line, which should dampen the vibration.

At the same time, TVO must solve the problems related to emergency diesel generators. During a test run in October, vibration was observed in the generator and repairs were still in progress at the end of the year. Stuk wants to ensure that the emergency generators are operational before refueling.

Stuk also identified shortcomings in the plant’s management system that need to be addressed before the plant is ready for charging. However, with regard to the shortcomings of the management system, Stuk states that things have progressed well.

Last in TVO also had to correct mechanical faults found in the safety valves of the pressurizer. The root causes of the faults were determined and the damaged parts were replaced with new ones. Similarly, TVO has repaired the insulation damage observed in the spring, which was found in the automation cabinets.

Stuk says that it will assess Olkiluoto 3’s readiness for pending matters after TVO has handled the matters and presented its solutions to Stuk.


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