Norway | Several injured and killed in a Norwegian attack in Kongsberg, the suspect caught

The motive for the act is not yet known.

In Norway In Kongsberg, several people have been injured and killed in the attack. The perpetrator is said to have shot people with some sort of bow. Kongsberg is about an hour’s drive southwest of Oslo.

So far, there is no more detailed information on the number of injured or killed. Hospitals were put on alert.

“Unfortunately, we can confirm that several have been injured and people have also died. The injured have been taken to hospital for treatment, ”the police chief Øyvind Aas said at a news conference Aftenposten by.

Suspect the perpetrator has been arrested and taken to the nearby town of Drammen. According to current police information, the suspect acted alone.

“We are not telling the perpetrator’s age or other information about him yet, as the investigation is just beginning,” Aas said.

So far, there is no certainty as to whether this was a terrorist attack. Police are now investigating the course of events at several locations and interviewing eyewitnesses.

“Time will tell what motive here was behind it. Now we are just sticking to what we know: several have been injured and killed and the attacker has been arrested, ”a Oslo police spokesman Unni Grøndal said the broadcaster To NRK.

Police received an alert for events after the evening. Eight ambulances and three medical helicopters were alerted to the area. There was Verdens Gang according to the magazine also a bomb squad.

According to Laagendalsposten, police chased the suspect by running and fired after him.

Police are expected to hold a new briefing on the course of events later Wednesday night.

Locally people were shocked by the events.

“It was heartbreaking and hard to hear about this event. This would not be expected to happen in Konsberg, ”one of the locals said To VG.

“Police have urged us to stay indoors,” another resident said.

The news is updated.


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