Norway | “Monaco in Norway” also attracts Finns to its residents, one quilt is a gift for a child born over 5,000 euros

In the municipality of Bø i Vesterålen in northern Norway, a child receives around € 2,600 at birth and another € 2,600 at the age of two. There is a broad consensus on regional policy in Norway. Outlying areas are also attracted by the amnesty for student debts, free housing and increased wages.

■ Bø i Vesterålen

Tiny Ronja Vikan was born in mid-February in the oil and NATO country of Norway, far from the horrors of the evil world. The newcomer’s home is in ‘Monaco, Norway’, in the municipality of Bø i Vesterålen in northern Norway.

The newborn baby already has its own bank account with a balance of NOK 25,000 (approximately EUR 2,600). On her two-year anniversary, Ronja will receive another SEK 25,000 in her account. The money comes from the municipality of Bøn, which also wants to attract Finns to work and live in the lofty fjord and mountain scenery.

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