Norway | In Norway, the revised law requires reporting on image editing in social media commercial content

The law was passed as a reform of the Marketing Act. It is especially targeted at influencers promoting different brands on their accounts.

In Norway a new law is coming into force that requires social media influencers and advertisers to tell if an image has been edited.

The reform was reported in a Norwegian fashion magazine Minmote earlier this year, and in addition to the Norwegian media, now reported, among other things BBC, Vice and The Independent.

The amendment, approved as a reform of the Marketing Act in June, aims to incite unrealistic beauty ideals. The king of the land will later decide when the new law will come into force.

“[Laissa] among other things, it requires that processed advertisements be marked if, as a result of the processing, the human body in the advertising content differs from reality in terms of body shape, size or skin, ”the reform states.

BBC’s social media influencers interviewed welcome the reform.

“I used to struggle with body image problems because of Instagram. The worst part is that I don’t even know if the girls I admired were dealing with their pictures. That’s why we need answers – we need this law, ”he said Madeleine Pedersen To the BBC.

Eirin Kristiansen sees the new law as a step in the right direction, but does not see it as well thought out and does not believe it will affect young people’s self-esteem problems.

“Mental health problems are affected by so many other things as the images we process. One extra stamp in the advertiser’s image isn’t going to change how young girls and boys really feel, ”Kristiansen told the BBC.

The proposal The Norwegian Ministry of Children and Families hopes that the reform will help to reduce the harmful effects of manipulated advertising.

However, the ministry acknowledged, according to Vice, that the claim could be difficult to enforce. Edited images may not be easy to spot.

The law is also feared to put pressure on some young social media influencers to get into cosmetic surgery to fit their ideals.



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