Norway | HS in Kongsberg: The townspeople quietly mourned the spring attack around the memorial site

Wednesday’s bowstroke attack killed five and injured three. The man suspected of the act is a 37-year-old Danish citizen.

Atmosphere was shocked late Thursday night in Kongsberg, Norway, which was attacked by a bow Jussi Sippola on the spot.

“People have gathered around the memorial site and newcomers are greeted with a nod of head in all silence. The noise of the rapids is in the background, ”Sippola said on Thursday night about Kongsberg’s atmosphere.

Kongsberg’s attack on Wednesday night killed five and injured three. Of the victims, four were women and one was a man. They were in their 50s and 70s and apparently selected by chance.

“Candles are lit at the memorial site and people have tears in their eyes. Residents here are sad, shocked and disbelieving about what happened. ”

Police continue to isolate the sites of the bloodshed. Sippola thinks that the investigation will take a long time.

As an author the suspect is a Danish citizen living in the locality, a 37-year-old man already familiar with the police. Police caught the suspect about half an hour after the events began.

The man has confessed to his actions, but at least the motive has not been told to the public. He reportedly acted alone. The attack is being investigated as a terrorist attack.

The suspect has previously been linked to radicalization. Radicalization, according to police, is related to the fact that a man who converted to Islam had spent time radicalizing in linguistic environments. However, it is still unclear whether this information has a connection to the motive for the act.

On Thursday in Norway, a new government, headed by a prime minister, took office Jonas Gahr Støre described what happened as a “horrific and cruel attack”. The Prime Minister plans to visit Kongsberg on Friday.

The events in Kongsberg reminded the Norwegians of the 2011 attacks. Then Anders Behring Breivik detonated a bomb in central Oslo and fired people on Utøya Island. 77 people died in the attacks.


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