Norway | A woman involved in Isis’ activities in Syria was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in Norway

The court held that caring for the home and children contributed to the activities of the terrorist organization.

In Norway on Tuesday, the court sentenced a woman who had taken part in the activities of the extremist organization Isis to three and a half years in prison.

A 30-year-old Norwegian-Pakistani woman did not take part in the fighting in the ranks of Isis, but was believed to have assisted Isis in running the house and children. The case is the first in Norway where caring for the home and children has led to a conviction for promoting terrorism.

According to an Oslo district court judge, the accused woman was actively involved in the maintenance of the terrorist organization.

“The court finds that the accused took part in the activities of the terrorist organization, and he did so knowingly and willingly,” the judge Ingemar Nestor Nilsen said as he read the verdict.

The woman lived in Syria from 2013 to 2019. He radicalized at the age of 22 while living in Norway and fell in love with a Norwegian-Chilean guest fighter, after which he eventually left for Syria. The woman had time in Syria to marry three fighters and have two children.

The prosecutor said the woman’s activities in caring for the home and children were central to her husband’s ability to take part in the fighting on the ranks of Isis and al-Nusra’s front. The court leaned on the prosecutor’s position here.

The prosecutor had demanded the woman be sentenced to four years in prison.

Of justice the details of the case are largely based on the woman’s own accounts, and she does not deny her actions in Syria. However, the woman did not think she was guilty of the crime.

According to the woman’s defense, she would have liked to leave Syria but could not leave.

The prosecutor believed the woman knew in advance what her role as the wife of an Islamist fighter would be.

The woman was taken from al-Hol camp to Norway in the second year when one of her children became seriously ill. This caused a political storm in Norway. The incident later led to the withdrawal of the anti-immigration Progressive Party from government cooperation. The woman was apprehended by Norwegian security police as soon as she arrived at Oslo Airport.

Also In Finland, women who returned from the al-Hol camp caused political upheaval. HS said on Tuesdaythat two women returning from al-Hol camp on suspicion of human trafficking have been investigated by the Central Criminal Police (CPC).

The investigation has concerned whether women have taken children to Syria aware that the area is under the control of a terrorist organization.

Director of Investigation Sanna Springare confirmed to HS that the police had terminated the second preliminary investigation due to lack of evidence, but the second investigation is still ongoing.

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