Northern Lights Northern lights may also be visible in southern Finland, the probability will increase over the weekend

The weather is expected to change over the weekend.

The rest of the week at night you may see the splendor of northern lights even in southern Finland. The likelihood of northern lights in the southern and central parts of the country is slightly elevated, On the website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is told.

Towards the weekend, the probability of northern lights is increasing, but already now, according to the map, northern lights seem to be probable along Finland, with the exception of northern Lapland.

The strength of the solar wind’s magnetic field has risen during Thursday, so the likelihood of a geomagnetic storm and northern lights has increased, the website says.

However, on the nights between Thursday and Friday and Friday and Saturday, the probability of admiring the northern lights is small, but the day after tomorrow, that is, the night between Saturday and Sunday, is moderate.

Friday The night ahead will be partly cloudy in Finland, but in many places it may also be clear, the Finnish Meteorological Institute predicts.

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“Snow is still raining in Lapland, but the rains are easing to the east during the morning, and Friday is rainy and the sun is widely visible in many places,” says the meteorologist on duty. Jani Parviainen From the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Some snowstorms may come on Friday during the stages in Central Finland.

According to Jani Parviainen, the nights are relatively cold at the weekend.

“We are close to ten degrees below zero. It can be as high as 20 degrees below zero in the night before Saturday in Lapland. ”

Saturday in the morning more cloudy arrives in the middle of the country, and snowfall can also come especially in the northern part of the country.

Southern Finland is still in the zero stages on Saturday, but the rest of the country is on the frosty side. In Lapland, the daytime temperature can be between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

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On the night between Saturday and Sunday, the light rainfall recedes to the east. At night it is sunny and clear, but to the south flows lighter air and clouds from the southwest.

On Sunday snowfall is expected again, which in Western Finland can come as sleet or water, at least on the coast.

“In the middle stages, the country has decent snowfall, and gentle air flows from southwest to Central Finland,” Parviainen says.

On Sunday afternoon, the zero limit goes at the height of Jyväskylä, and the rains travel north. Sunday is quite rainy in the south as well, as in the evening you will get there.

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