North Korea Kim Jong-un fired several senior officials for a “fatal” coronary error

The layoffs are seen as a sign that the North Korean leader is finally acknowledging that there is a coronavirus in the country and the situation is serious.

North Korea manager Kim Jong-un has fired several high-ranking officials over a “fatal” coronary error, according to AFC news agency KCNA, the country’s state media. Kim described the country that made the mistake and its citizens at great risk.

He also told about it, for example The Guardian.

According to Kim, the officials caused some kind of serious coincidence by neglecting their duties. Kim accused the officials of being irresponsible, incompetent, passive and just protecting themselves.

Kim didn’t say exactly what mistake the authorities made or how the mistake put people at risk.

North Korea has not reported any coronavirus infection to date.

Experts believe Kim’s statement about the layoffs and the danger to people is a sign of acknowledging a serious coronavirus situation.

“The fact that the ruling party has discussed the coronavirus situation and the state media is reporting on it means that Pyongyang will probably need international help,” the researcher Ahn Chan-il told AFP.

The North Korean capital Pyongyang closed its borders in January last year to protect itself from a wave of coronavirus spreading from neighboring China.

The price of closure has been expensive, as trade with Beijing, which is important to the country, has slowed down considerably. The delivery of international emergency aid has also become more difficult.



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