North Korea Dictator Kim admired North Korea’s propaganda screen: “iron fists” and “lightning-fast monsters”

In dictatorship propaganda, one North Korean “human bullet” is responsible for ten enemy soldiers.

Nuclear, in addition to missiles, a massive army and artillery, North Korea has fighters alongside whom Rambok seems to be likening to a sock. The dictatorship teaches that the elite soldiers of the dictatorship are trained to be in charge of ten enemy soldiers.

Of these mythical chucknorriseista experienced a glimpse of North Korean television showing how to dictate Kim Jong-un followed the martial arts screen.

“If the enemy dares to invade our country, these soldiers will turn into iron-strong fists and lightning-fast monsters to protect our homeland,” the North Korean television presenter explained the propaganda show. The New York Times according to the newspaper.

At the show, the soldiers bent an iron bar around their necks, smashed bricks, and received crushing-looking blows, among other things.

The sister of the dictator was also watching the performance Kim Yo-Jong, who has been reportedly responsible for the country’s propaganda machinery.

In North Korea spectacular performances have been offered to citizens in other ways as well. World-famous are, for example, the Arirang gymnastics performances, where at the Pyongyang stadium, about one hundred thousand North Koreans perform in gymnastics, dance and music performances with the precision of a Swiss clockwork.

Kim Jong-un is proud to present North Korean martial arts champions to the Chinese president as well To Xi Jinping during his visit to Pyongyang in 2019.

According to The New York Times, the soldiers in the show are among the elite forces that protect the country’s leadership. They are called “human bullets and bombs” and are said to have arrested, among other things, Kim’s executed uncle in 2013.


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