Nine people die in gas leak accident in north China



Explosion in Russia.

Explosion (Illustrative Image).

Explosion (Illustrative Image).

This leak caused the fall of several workers, who were doing their jobs.

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A total of nine people died in the city of Ordos, belonging to the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia (north), due to a gas leak, the Xinhua news agency reported.

The incident took place this Thursday around 3:40 p.m. local time (07:40 GMT) in a workshop located in an industrial park in the city, where a high-pressure gas leak occurred.

This leak caused the fall of several workers, who were carrying out their work from elevated positions.

The accident immediately claimed the lives of eight workers, while four others were injured. and were transferred to hospitals. One of the injured died while receiving medical attention.

Accidents caused by gas leaks are relatively frequent in the Chinese chemical sector where, despite regulatory initiatives, regulations remain lax.

Last January, at least five people died from an explosion after a gas leak was recorded at a chemical factory in the northeastern municipality of Panjin.

In 2019, an explosion at a chemical plant in the eastern province of Jiangsu killed 78, prompting an inspection of all chemical plants in the country.

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