Nigeria | The leader of Boko Haram is dead, says a rival terrorist organization

Abubakar Shekaun is said to have died in May in a self-launched explosive.

Islamic according to the West African wing of the state (Isis) (Iswap) Nigerian leader Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau is dead. Reuters reported the death based on an Iswap audio file he received.

Iswap split from Boko Haram in 2016.

Boko Haram is an extremist Islamist terrorist organization that in 2015 was the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world in terms of the number of victims. The jihadist organization has killed more than 30,000 people and forced up to two million to flee their homes.

Boko Haram rose to international awareness in 2014 when it kidnapped more than 270 schoolgirls in Chibok City.

Shekau died in a self-launched explosive in mid-May, Reuters writes. At the time of his death, he was fleeing Iswap fighters, said the self-proclaimed Iswap leader Abu Musab al-Barnawi.

According to Reuters, two people who know al-Barnaw have confirmed his identity to the news agency.

A reconnaissance report shared by a Nigerian government official and Boko Haram investigators have also said Shekau is dead.

Nigerian defense forces said last month they were investigating Shekau’s alleged death.

News agency According to AFP, Boko Haram has not confirmed Shekau’s death.



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