Nigeria More than 200 people in Nigeria have been killed by motorcycle criminals

The attacks are seen as revenge for Air Force attacks.

Motorcycle mobile criminals have killed more than 200 people in the northwestern state of Zamfara in northwestern Nigeria in recent days, news agencies and Nigerian media say.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) by members of criminal organizations have moved from village to village and shot people openly. The attacks, according to media reports, are revenge for the attacks on criminal organizations by the Nigerian Air Force last Monday.

Nigeria’s Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs says about 10,000 people have been forced to flee their homes due to criminal attacks, Nigerian newspaper Vanguard says.

Last during the week, the Nigerian government defined the criminals previously called bandits as terrorists. This allows the authorities to take tougher action against organizations.

According to the BBC, criminal organizations have well-developed and widespread networks. Criminals earn their income, for example, by robbing cattle and abducting people in the hope of ransom. Abductions have often targeted school children.

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According to the Nigerian Armed Forces, soldiers have killed 537 “armed bandits and other criminals” and arrested 374 since May last year, the AFP news agency said.

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