Nigeria | About 140 students are missing in the wake of a school attack in Nigeria

Armed men attacked a school in Kaduna, northwestern Nigeria. Kidnapping and ransom demands have given rise to their own livelihoods in the country.

About 140 high school students are missing in northwestern Nigeria after armed men in Kaduna Province attacked a school. The report was reported by AFP and Reuters.

“The kidnappers take 140 students, only 25 students fled. We have no idea where the students were taken, ”the school teacher Emmanuel Paul told AFP.

The police according to wildly fired gunmen attacked Bethel Baptist High School in South Street. The attack took place between 11 pm on Sunday night and 4 am on Monday morning.

“They pushed past the school security guards and proceeded to the student dormitory, from where they abducted an uncertain number of students into the woods,” a police statement said, according to Reuters.

Police said 26 people, including a female teacher, managed to escape. Police commented to AFP Muhammed Jalige was unable to ascertain the number of abductions. He said police forces had followed the kidnappers and the rescue operation was in progress.

Pastor John Hayab, the school ‘s founder, also told Reuters that about 25 students had managed to escape, while the rest were missing. Hayab’s 17-year-old son was among those who had fled.

The same information was confirmed to Reuters as well Hassana Markus, whose daughter is among the missing.

The boarding school has about 180 students, 165 of whom stay in its dormitory. According to AFP, the majority of them were abducted. Security forces are said to have isolated the school.

In Nigeria armed men, known to locals as bandits, have made the abduction of students abducted from their own livelihoods. There have been particularly many abductions in Kaduna Province.

The bandits are said to have kidnapped nearly 1,000 people since last December. More than 150 are still missing.

In addition to schools, kidnappings have been made on roads, in private homes and in hospitals. Early Sunday morning, armed men are said to have abducted six people, including a one-year-old child, from a hospital in northern Kaduna.

The best known of the school abductions are the attacks by jihadist organizations Boko Haram and Isis, but the tactics have also been adopted by other armed groups.



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