NHL | Jesse Puljujärvi, who has returned to Edmonton, skates again with a smile: “It works”

Jesse Puljujärvi returns to the NHL after a year and a half break, richer in many experiences.

Jesse Puljujärvi was a hockey player knocked down in the winter of 2019. The hip injury required surgery and the accumulated self-confidence improvement.

The three seasons of the hockey league in the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers had gone completely differently than Puljujärvi and Finland, which followed the puck, were waiting for. Tähteys and Puljujärvi did not face each other, but the Oulu player met the farm league – all too often.

Puljujärvi played his last NHL match in early February two years ago. Last season and autumn he played in the League in Oulu Kärpi.

The NHL Hockey League starts on the night between Wednesday and Thursday and Puljujärvi is involved again. There is enthusiasm in the voice and an almost impatient anticipation.

“It’s a little excitement to be able to play in the best league in the world again. Yes, I can appreciate it. ”

Edmonton starts their season against Vancouver, and Puljujärvi plays Kyle Turrisin led by a triple chain. This has been practiced and Puljujärvi has been placed in Oilers’ third son-in-law.

Puljujärvi received a kicking blow to its wing.

Arizona’s Mario Kempe (29) taxed Edmonton’s Jesse Puljujärvi in ​​an NHL match in January 2019.­

Puljujärvi the newcomer contract ended in the spring of 2019. At that time, a gap had spread between the club and the player, which seemed to be longer than the distance of more than 6,300 kilometers from Edmonton to Oulu.

The player expected more from his first NHL years. So did the company. It’s hard to say which one got disappointed worse, but Puljujärvi got a kicking blow to his wing.

The pressure was not reduced by those who left for the NHL at the same time Sebastian Aho and Patrik Laine began to mumble in the league immediately. Neither had to make an acquaintance with the farm series at any point, and Puljujärvi ramped up between the NHL and the AHL.

Went over a year before Puljujärvi, his agent Markus Lehto and the Edmonton puck lead to a good discussion.

A lot had happened in the Oilers as well. Head coach Todd McLellan was moved aside and known as human Dave Tippett replaced. The sports executive also changed. Washed hired experienced Ken Holland, 63, began to look at things from a new perspective.

“It definitely helps when you can talk more yourself.”

Jesse Puljujärvi at the Edmonton rehearsals in January 2021.­

Last in the summer, the four Puljujärvi, Lehto, Tippett and Holland had a modern conversation in a modern way. The spirit was good and Edmonton’s interest in getting the player back was buzzing. A new basis for the agreement began to take shape.

“There was a real willingness there and I, of course, also wanted to move forward in my own career and unleash my potential. It started to feel like I could come back to try how the curds are enough here, ”Puljujärvi says by phone from Edmonton on the last day off before the start of the season.

In Oilers, the puck lead changed, but the key players remained the same. The team’s top seven scorers from the 2018–2019 season will continue on the team this season as well. They know Puljujärvi and Pulju them.

“Really well have received, and I missed it. Definitely helps when you are able to talk more yourself. Gets in on things much better. I can talk and listen. It was nice to be involved. ”

Outside the trough, Puljujärvi gets to talk about more than just hockey when a girlfriend Monica Malin got the paperwork in order and got to travel to Edmonton.

In the fall of 2016, Puljujärvi was just the 18-year-old youth world champion when he left for Edmonton. The club booked him number four that same summer.

Puljujärvi won the points exchange at the World Youth Tournament in Helsinki. Laine charmed with his goals and Aho with his play. The young hockey players were the most talked about people in Finland for a few days.

The puck season was crowned when Puljujärvi went to win the 18-year-old world championship in the same spring 2016. The NHL was open to the skies.

“That’s when I only came to play as a young boy and I couldn’t expect anything.”

Puljujärvi remembers well the moods when a career in the NHL began and knows how to compare it to the present and another company.

“Yes, I say a little different. That’s when I only came as a young boy to fool around and I couldn’t expect anything. Today, you know what this gimmick is and the thing around here. I can appreciate it. Pikkanen’s different feelings are. ”

“I thought afterwards that it’s good to have experiences.”

As a player, Puljujärvi says he is much more comprehensive. Two-way gaming has moved forward, as have one-on-one battles.

“It is certainly one thing, which I’m good at. One of the strengths. ”

During the season 2014–2015 Puljujärvi played more matches in the Kärppi league team than Sebastian Aho, even though Aho is a year older.

For Puljujärvi, who moved from Tornio to Oulu, the junior career was easy. He climbed the stairs all the time, won championships and got a high NHL reserve. It wasn’t until the NHL that the first big difficulties really started.

It was not so easy to break into Edmonton and take his place without language skills. English’s extensive vocabulary or proper grammar doesn’t play hockey, but if the game doesn’t go through, there would be use for every foreign word.

“It felt like I hadn’t gone on from then on and got to play properly in the NHL. I did not reach my full potential. I thought that in Kärpi I could develop and gain self-confidence and a good season, ”Puljujärvi reiterates the reasons for his return to Finland.

“Jesse has made the most progress in his own attitude and spiritual growth.”

Kärppien Jesse Puljujärvi (9) and HPK’s Jere Innala fought for the puck in the opening match of the Hockey League season at HPK-Kärpät in Hämeenlinna on October 1, 2020.­

The 2019–2020 season and last autumn in Kärpi shaped the more mature player from Puljujärvi into the NHL.

Head coach of flies Mikko Manner followed for years next to Puljujärvi, first as the team’s second coach and in recent years as number one.

“Certainly Jesse has made the most progress in his own attitude and spiritual growth. His physique has improved all the time as he is the kind of exercise addict who is caught up in physical exercise. He’s even stronger and faster, ”Manner says.

Manner believes that gambling things went ahead in Finland when Puljujärvi played a strong season Mika Pyörälä and Juho Lammikon with. Responsibility accumulated and successes. The score counter knocked nice readings.

“Ekana returned a familiar smile to her lips,” Manner says.

There is much more to it than the aspects, goals or passes associated with the game.

“Above all, Jesse got a perspective. The joy of playing was missing and faith in one’s own abilities was lost. ”

In Edmonton Puljujärvi has been interviewed by the head coach Dave Tippettin with a few times. Tippett has emphasized fighting gaming. In it, Puljujärvi believes that it has gone the most forward.

Tippett raised another issue that is even more important than the struggles.

“That I skate a lot with a smile on my face. It works, and he likes it. ”

Tippett has brought good discipline to the team, and Puljujärvi sees that the desire to win has grown since the last time he played for the Oilers.

Ethan Bear (74) and Jesse Puljujärvi rehearses last week in Edmonton.­

Oilersin in the triple chain, Turris distributes discs to Puljujärvi and To Josh Archibald. Turris played in Kärpi during the NHL lockout season 2012–2013. From that time, Puljujärvi had only very fragile memories of Turris, now even better.

Lake Puljujärvi gives Turris, 31, a full score for helping and a few small tips as he got to know a Canadian in Edmonton.

“Note that you are a gambler and can specifically play. A strong racket game, good for fighting, able to pass and shoot. He is a good player, ”Puljujärvi explains the characteristics of Turris.

“A benevolent dude. Sees to have been in the league for a long time. Positive and cheer all the time. ”

Turris is a first season Oilers player, but as a former Canadian national team captain, he is certainly the right person to encourage Lake Puljujärvi towards a new ascent.

In Finland, Turris is remembered when he criticized the menus of the ABC service stations at the Kärppi rest areas in an interview with a Canadian newspaper. As a restaurant critic, Turris had to slit, even though he can play.

The Bakersfield farm team was like a curse word to Lake Puljujärvi in ​​the coming years.

Have you ever wondered if you would get back there?

“I haven’t thought about it.”


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