Neymar: the unusual simulation of a penalty for which he was sent off with PSG



Neymar misses the rest of the group stageNeymar misses the rest of the group stage

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In a matter of 1 minute, the Brazilian received 2 yellow cards. Scandal: they say that he left the stadium.

Neymar returned to Paris Saint Germain, after his elimination from the Qatar 2022 World Cup, and caused a scandal.

The Brazilian forward, starting this Wednesday with PSG against Strasbourg, in a match on date 16 of Ligue 1, was sent off after receiving two yellow cards in a matter of a minute.

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The most resounding has to do with the fact that the expulsion came after he simulated a penalty in the area. In addition, according to the French press, after seeing the red card, the Brazilian star decided to leave the stadium, without the match having ended.

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Neymar simulates and is expelled

At minute 61, Neymar received his first yellow card, after arguing with the referee.

At 62, he starred in a unusual simulation which earned him the second card.

Later, according to ‘Canal Plus’, he left the stadium and did not wait for the match to end.

“He has gone to the locker room to shower and has left. He has not stayed to see the end of the game”commented the journalist specializing in French football, Andrés Onrubia, on his social networks.

Meanwhile, the simulation with which he fired 2022 is the only image.

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