New Zealand New Zealand Parliament withdraws its intention to call Uighur treatment in China a genocide

New Zealand has been under increasing international pressure to take a tougher stance on the situation in Xinjiang.

New Zealand Parliament does not intend to consider an initiative condemning the treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang as genocide in China.

Instead, on Tuesday, Parliament proposed that the subject be spoken in lighter language, such as a violation of human rights. The proposal is expected to go through unanimously on Wednesday, although it will not change the country’s current stance on the situation.

“It is a sad situation that we need to soften our language to discuss difficult issues,” left-wing ACT vice-chairman of the original initiative Brooke van Velden said the New Zealander Stuff news site by.

New Zealand the government has been under increasing pressure to take a tougher stance on the situation in Xinjiang.

In an open letter on Tuesday, the Uighurs of New Zealand asked Parliament to call the situation in Xinjiang a genocide.

“We understand that New Zealand is not a military or commercial superstate, but New Zealand is a moral superstate. We can influence the fate of 20 million Uighurs, ”the letter read the British magazine The Guardian by.

In April, the British newspaper The Telegraph invited the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardernia “A weak link in the West,” because he did not take part in the Five Eyes Intelligence Statement, which criticized China for, among other things, the situation in Hong Kong and the treatment of Uighurs.

Ardern was also criticized last month in the British Parliament, where, for example, a representative of the Conservatives Bob Seely said Stuff news site according to that Ardern “flatters China” and is “in a hell of an ethical mess”.

China has been accused of genocide by the United States and the parliaments of Canada, Britain and the Netherlands. The EU and Britain, along with the US and Canada, have imposed sanctions on Chinese authorities who have been involved in concentration camps.

In March, New Zealand and Australia issued a joint statement in which they expressed “deep concern at the growing number of serious human rights violations against Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang, for which there are a growing number of credible reports”.

On Monday, Prime Minister Ardern said there are things the country cannot agree with China on.

“It’s simply a reality,” Ardern said of The Guardian.

New Zealand the reason for the hesitation may be that China is by far the country major trading partner. In 2019, about a third of dairy products exported from New Zealand, 60 percent of exported wood products and 40 percent of meat went to China, according to Statistics Finland.

“There is no doubt that with such a decision [kutsua uiguurien kohtelua kansanmurhaksi] would have an effect. It is not astronomy, ”said the Minister of Commerce Damien O’Connor New Zealand Broadcasting Company RNZ: n by.

The situation in Australia shows how a neighboring country could do if this takes a stronger stance on the situation of the Uighurs. Due to diplomatic disagreements, China has imposed additional tariffs, export restrictions on Australia and warned its citizens not to travel to Australia.

It is estimated that Australia lost $ 47.7 billion or about € 30.6 billion last year due to sanctions.

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