Nature Turkey plans to rescue the Marmara Sea from the “sea reef” – watch a video of the clean-up operation

Turkey began cleaning up the slimy “sea urchin” of the Marmara Sea, which threatens the marine environment and the fishing industry.

Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan promised to rescue the Marmara Sea from slime on Tuesday, and a disaster management program was set up in the country to clean up the slimy “sea urchin” threatening the marine environment and fishing industry, according to the news agency AFP.

Turkish Minister of the Environment Murat Kurumin according to 25 ships to clean the sea surface and deploy sea booms. In addition to them, nearly twenty other ships are trying to prevent the spread of mucus. About a thousand workers are removing mucus.

“We are starting cleaning work on land and at sea in 15 locations today. We have decided to save the Sea of ​​Marmara – and so we will save, ”said Kurum.

The environment minister said cleaners would stop illegal fishing and remove “ghost nets” from the sea, which are driftnets that are no longer in the fisherman’s possession.

Turkey also plans to declare the Marmara Sea a protected area by the end of this year, says AFP.

The Marmara Sea is an inland sea connecting the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea, which experts say threatens to turn from an inland desert to an inland desert.

According to researchers, the increase in the amount of sea urchin is due to human activity. Climate change has raised sea temperatures and rising emissions have eutrophied the small inland sea.

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Local diver and filmmaker interviewed in an HS video Tahsin Ceylan comments that the Turkish water treatment system is inadequate and that waste is being dumped at sea.

Population welcomed the clean-up but complained of years of uncontrolled marine pollution.

“Due to ignorance, the harmful substances thrown into the sea over the years have created vomiting on the seabed, and because there is no flow there, it stayed there,” said the pharmacist. Kadir Saydam To AFP.

According to him, the cleansing operation only helps visually.



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