Nature The world’s largest iceberg has melted into small pieces

The size of the mountain reached an estimated ten of the largest icebergs ever measured.

Once declared the largest iceberg in the world, the A68a iceberg has melted into small pieces in the southern Atlantic.

According to the U.S. National Ice Center, the mountain has melted into such small pieces that it is no longer worth watching, say BBC and The Independent.

The iceberg giant has been adventuring in the seas of the world since July 2017, when it detached from Antarctica from the ice shelf of Larcen C. At the time, it was found to be one of the largest icebergs in statistical history, he said told HS in 2017. After detaching, the iceberg covered an area of ​​about 5,800 square kilometers.

However, during the first year of its detachment, the iceberg did not move much. Then strong winds and currents began to push it north, and the speed of the mountain only accelerated. At the same time, however, it drifted onto more dangerous roads, towards warmer waters.

In December 2020 the iceberg split in two about 135 kilometers from the island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic.

Now the mountain has broken into small pieces. On Friday, the iceberg had shattered into such small parts that researchers said it was no longer worth monitoring. The icebergs are monitored, among other things, for the safety of shipping.

The fate of the iceberg was caused by warm waters and weather conditions.

“It’s amazing that the A68 survived for so long,” Professor of Glaciology, Swansea University, UK Adrian Luckman told the BBC.

Investigators closely followed the A68’s journey, among other things, because it was feared it would collide with the island of South Georgia. In the event of a collision, it could have caused problems for island animals such as penguins.

Over the years, many significant fragments detached from the original iceberg, of which the original trillion, weighing trillion tons, was called the A68a. In December 2020, when it split in two, the second part was renamed the A68d.

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