Nature Supreme Court knocks down construction intentions next to Finno bird sanctuary in Espoo – Plans to build residential houses for thousands

The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that placing the approximately 2,700 inhabitants next to a bird wetland would, without separate measures, cause significant disturbance to the birds in the area.

Supreme The Administrative Court has annulled the decision of the Espoo City Council on the Finno town plan.

The plan was to build a new residential area in Finno next to the bird wetland for about 2,700 new residents.

The birdlife in the area is an exceptionally significant protection zone that separates the construction area. The bird wetland is marked as a nature reserve.

Population would increase the movement of people and pets near the bird basin of the bird wetland.

This disturbance was estimated to cause significant harm to birds if the mitigation measures set out in the management and use plan were not implemented.

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Espoo when approving the formula, the city council approved a special management and use plan to implement various mitigation measures for birds, such as the construction of shelters or the replenishment of shelters.

However, the Supreme Administrative Court points out in its decision that the management and use plan is not part of the town plan and therefore the City of Espoo would not be obliged to implement it.

The management and use plan is not a legally binding document for the implementation of the town plan, the court decision states.

The Supreme Administrative Court announced its decision on Tuesday, May 4th. It is planned to build apartments for a total of about 17,000 new residents in the Finno residential area. The residential area will be built along the extension of the western metro.

Finno’s bird wetland is one of Finland’s most important bird areas. Otherwise, rare species are found there in Finland, such as the black-throated woodpecker, the capercaillie and the southern thrush.

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