Nature In Finland, the protection strategy for the highly endangered river pearl mussel was completed

The intermediate goal is to maintain the current raw stocks and improve the viability of the depleted stocks.

Mussels that is, the aim of the fresh conservation strategy for raccoons is to have viable raccoon populations in the natural range of the species and to achieve a favorable level of conservation. The Ministry of the Environment and Metsähallitus will announce the completion of the strategy.

The hake is a very endangered species in Finland. Currently, harbor deposits are known to remain in about 130 streams, but in most of them populations have declined and harbor is disappearing.

The Ministry of the Environment’s press release emphasizes that protection requires perseverance. For this reason, the intermediate goal is to maintain existing stocks and improve the viability of depleted stocks.

Metsähallitus Ongoing projects will provide up-to-date information on the occurrence and status of raccoons in support of conservation. For example last summer deposits were searched for nearly two hundred northern river and creek sites.

According to Metsähallitus, the rehabilitation of raw water bodies will begin this year.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, the information gathered on the occurrence of raccoons helps to take the species into account, for example, in land use in catchment areas.

Mussel lives only in streams and needs reproduction as an intermediate host for trout or salmon. For this reason, conservation must also take into account the rehabilitation of streams and rivers and the restoration of migratory fish stocks.

“Raw and the recovery of migratory salmon and trout stocks go hand in hand,” says Minister for the Environment and Climate Krista Mikkonen in a press release from the Ministry of the Environment.


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