Nature Did your game camera record a great image? Send your best animal bongs to HS

Helsingin Sanomat is looking for the most amazing, fun or otherwise just special game camera pictures.

No it is no exaggeration to say that nature is always close to us in Finland. We don’t get surprised even if a fox sweeps in the backyard or a deer roams on the cottage beach.

Many people get to know the hustle and bustle of forest animals up close, especially from their game cameras, which are usually tuned to summer cottages, for example. Through them, it is fascinating to follow life up close, even when the cottage is on winter tracks and you can’t go there.

Helsingin Sanomat is now asking its readers for pictures captured by a game camera.

Send an image or more no later than Sunday, January 17, by e-mail to [email protected] Also include your phone number. If we decide to use your image, we will contact you.


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